MA Student Profiles 2017-18

 redSarah Aswad
Independent Research Project: 

orangeStephanie Brocklehurst
Independent Research Project: "The Stigmatization and Spatialization of Poverty by Olympic Host Cities"


yellowSarah Caldwell
Independent Research Project:

taylorJessica Duncan
Independent Research Project: "Writing Wrongs and Reading Against the Grain: "Genderswap” Fanfiction as Subversive Queer and Feminist Critical Imagination".


Hannah Maitland
Independent Research Project: "Is Sex a “Canadian Value”? A Critical Examination of the Media Portrayal of Responses to the 2015 Ontario Sex Education Curriculum."

wnukAlessia Mastrorillo
Independent Research Project: “‘I’ll take care of you’: rethinking why women stay in violent intimate relationships using Carol Gilligan’s ‘ethic of care.’”

redLaura Pond
Independent Research Project: "From Revenge to Revolution: The Feminist Potential of Vengeful Female Spirits in Horror Fiction and Film."

orangeSara Radley
Independent Research Project: "The Interruption of the Consumption of Black NFL Players Who Kneel."


yellowSarah Redikopp
Independent Research Project: "Skin Texts: (Re)reading Self-Cutting as Resistance in Cheryl Rainfield's Scars."

taylorJennifer Tran
Independent Research Project: "Canada as a Safe Haven?: Homonational Modernity and the In/Authentic Queer Refugee."