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OGS and SSHRC Information

General information and links to assist graduate students with their applications.

Extensive information regarding Ontario Graduate Scholarships is available on the School of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies website.  Information there is updated regularly so be sure to consult their website for the most accurate information.

- List of funding opportunities for Graduate students, including the Ontario Graduate Scholarship.
- Graduate Student Web Services Portal - to apply for OGS.
- Alpha Grade Conversion Chart.

Information about OGS Applications

The application package is due on or before: FRIDAY OCTOBER 17TH, 2014 BY 4:00 PM 

Bring Applications To: Betty Thompson, Lawson Hall 3260

 Helpful Information

  1. You must have an overall average* of at least 80% (A-): OGS applications that do not achieve the minimum average of 80% will not be considered for OGS, and will not be moved forward to the Review/Ranking Committee.  Please review the criteria below and the Alpha Grade Conversion Chart (link above).  This will help you in determining if you will have the minimum 80% average required to apply for the OGS.  

  2. If you are in the final year of an undergraduate program or up to term 6 of graduate studies when you submit your application, your average is based on the last 10.0 completed full course credits, or the equivalent. This is a chronological count backwards from the date you submit your OGS application online.

  3. If you are in term 7 or more of graduate studies when you submit your OGS application, your average is based on all graduate grades.

  4. Order one set of official transcripts from every university you have attended, including Western, and send to:
    Betty Thompson
    Women's Studies and Feminist Research,
    Western University
    Lawson Hall 3260, 1151 Richmond St.
    London, Ontario, N6A 5B8

    Order your transcripts early!

  5. Letters of Appraisal: Please provide your referees with all the materials they will require to give you the best letter possible. Be sure to include your name, telephone and address in the body of the email message to your referee and then attach the blank form or the link for it.

    Ask your referees to send the forms directly to Betty Thompson, or you can pick them up if the form has been sealed in an envelope and signed across the back of the seal.  If the referee is located outside of WSFR, they can sign and seal the back of the envelope once your form is included and mail it.  If they are WSFR faculty members they can simply give the forms to Betty Thompson.

  6. The Online Scholarship Library:
    Has been designed to equip you with the necessary information and resources to put forth an excellent funding proposal for external competitions. The Library is your knowledge centre and is accessible through our secure Grad Portal https://grad.uwo.ca/student/index.cfm. You are able to access a wealth of knowledge surrounding the application process and proven recommendations and strategies for success. Furthermore, past application templates and successful research proposals are available for you to peruse, and they have been generously donated to SGPS by our “Consult the Experts” volunteers.


How to Apply - The online Application link is housed on the SGPS website.https://webapps.nserc.ca/SSHRC/faces/logonFellowships.jsp?lang=en_CA

"Consult the Experts" series

Provides you with the expertise to assist you in the writing of your research proposal for competition. You are encouraged to bring a one-page draft of your proposal to have it read and critiqued by an available expert from a similar research area. Our contingent of volunteer experts is made up of senior award-winning doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars, research officers and faculty members. 

There will be a total of ten (10) 3-hour sessions . Each of the first six (6) sessions will have a mixed panel of experts in CIHR-, NSERC-, and SSHRC-related fields. The next set of four (4) sessions will focus on the provincial scholarship programs such as the Ontario Graduate Scholarships. There is no registration required and you may attend any session that best fits your schedule and return visits are encouraged. Consultations with a volunteer expert will be limited to 20 minutes each and will take place on a ‘first come, first served' basis. Wait times will vary. Session facilitators will ensure the timely flow of traffic throughout each session. 

The sessions will be held on the 3rd floor of Stevenson Hall , inside the main entrance and up the stairs, from 1:00pm-4:00pm on the following dates: 
• Fri., Nov 9 
• Fri., Nov 16 
• Fri., Nov 23