Western Directory Coordinators Application

Prerequisite: Download and Install Java

The remote applications listed on this page are invoked via the Java Network Launching Protocol and require the Sun WebStart client distributed in the Java Runtime Edition (JRE). The latest production release of the JRE are available at:


Once the JRE is installed it will be possible to launch remote web applications from this page.

Available Applications

Click application to launch. If required it will be downloaded to local cache. Note the first time launched you will be asked to trust the Thawte certificate. This is required as the application needs rights to connect to the required remote servers.
  • Western Directory
    • Uses Java 1.6+.
    • Requires local screen size setting to be at least 1024 by 768.

Updating the data

This assumes that you have already downloaded and installed the browser plug-in as above

  • Run the Update program to update the data for a person, unit or department.

NOTE: This may take a while (up to a few minutes on some systems) - please be patient...

  • When the Update program has finished loading, a Sign-On Screen will display. Enter your UWO Personal Computer Account User Name/Password and select Enter. This screen should look like:

NOTE: If you have not closed or restarted your browser, any subsequent loading of the Update program will be fast. However if you restart the browser, the first time you run the Update program in that session, it will take a while to load again.

  • While in the Update program, do not use the Back and Forward funtions or buttons in your browser. For navigation, only use the buttons in the Update web pages.
  • When finished updating, make sure you click on the Exit button in order to correctly terminate the Update program. If you clicked on Exit by mistake and would like to do more updates, you will have to login again.

Application Resync

Clear Local Application Cache
  • click on the JavaWebStart icon or Start java webstart application manager
  • click Preferences in the Java web start file menu
  • click the Advanced tab
  • click the ClearFolder button
  • click yes to confirm action
  • close the Java web start application

Check For hung Java web start Applications

  • hung Java web start tasks can cause problems, does not happen often but can be confusing
  • use the task manager or operating system function kill any javaw.exe tasks
  • or reboot

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