Peggy Wakabayashi

Acting Associate Vice-President (Housing & Ancillary Services)

Peggy Wakabayashi

Peggy Wakabayashi is responsible for Western's Housing, Hospitality Services, Retail Services, Health Services and the Student Case Manager.

Peggy has been at Western for 34 years, where she has served as Western's Director of Residences for the last 20 years.  Peggy is very active in the University community serving on numerous committees, including on Western's Day Care Board of Directors and on Western's United Way Campaign.  Peggy was a member of Hope’s Garden, a London-based non-profit organization providing support to those dealing with eating disorders, and a Board member of Second Stage Housing – a transitional support facility for women who have experienced domestic violence. 

Health Services

Team Size: Health Services (HS) has approximately 50 staff, including Medical Doctors, Psychiatrists, Registered Nurses, Social Workers, and other administrative staff. Approximately 50 student volunteers work as the Student Emergency Response Team (SERT).

Key Clients: Students, staff, and faculty.

Main Services: Student Health Services focuses on student health while the Family Practice Clinic serves staff and faculty and their immediate families. Workplace Health offers staff and faculty immediate information regarding general health concerns and medical treatments for occupational and non-occupation illnesses and injuries.

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Hospitality Services

Team Size: Hospitality Service has a total of 89 full-time staff, 239 part-time staff, and 279 sessional staff, many of who work September to April, every year.

Key Clients: Students, staff, faculty and the London community.

Main Services: Hospitality Services (HS) offer self-operated dining services on campus. HS consists of six operation areas: Residence Dining (seven dining halls), Campus Eateries (29 eateries), Great Hall Catering (includes the Green Leaf Café), Conference Services (includes Western B&B which runs May to mid-August every year), Vending Services and Stadium Concessions.

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Team Size: Housing has a staff of 81 full-time and more than 310 part-time staff in various roles including Residence Student Staff members, Front Desk Staff, and Student Tour Guides, etc.

Key Clients: Students (undergraduate and graduate), staff and faculty, and neighbourhoods surrounding campus.

Main Services: The Residences offer more than 5,300 spaces across nine buildings for undergraduate, graduate and professional students, along with residence counselling, a residence life program, and computing services including RezNet. University Apartments and Platt’s Lane Estates provide accommodations for 2,000+ upper-year and graduate students and their families. Ontario Hall Suites offer visiting faculty or staff members accommodation from two nights up to four months. Off-Campus Housing Service manages listings, provides consultative services on leasing contracts, landlord/tenant issues, and manages town-gown relations.

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Western Retail Services

Team Size: Western Retail Services has a staff of 48 full-time and up to 75 part-time (mostly students) during the academic year, and an additional 30+ students in the September rush period for a total staff complement of around 150 at peak.

Key Clients: Students, faculty, staff, alumni, retirees at Western, and people in the London community.

Main Services: Retail Services contains four main operations: The Bookstore at Western, The Campus Computer Store, Books Plus, and Western Graphic Services. Our key offerings include: all course materials and supporting materials; spirit products and other related Western merchandise; general books, gifts and supplies; quality printing services for all academic and departmental needs; all computer and related electronic products and services; and, sales and marketing support to events on and off campus.

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