“Purple Flowers Videowall”, 2001. Image courtesy of the Artist and David Zwirner Gallery. © Diana Thater

Diana Thater is an artist, curator, writer, and teacher who explores human subjectivity through the pervasively mediated natural world. Since the early 1990s, her pioneering film, video, and installation art has employed representational landscape imagery to create evocative and near-abstract works that draw on a variety of sources, including literature, animal behavior, mathematics, and sociology. Thater’s practice often intersect time-based (video) and spatial (architectural) media to explore issues of transcendence and freedom as represented by nature and, by extension, raises complex and timely questions about the porous distinctions between wild and tamed, untouched and manipulated. The artist has exhibited widely throughout North America and Europe, including one-person shows at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart (2010), the Dia Center for the Arts, New York (2001), and the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (1997).