Table of Contents

Introduction & Acknowledgements

Amy Wallace
A Prelude to Forgetting: Remembering the Dionne Quintuplets

Juliana Su
The Octagon from East to West and Back Again:

Baldassare Longhena's Santa Maria della Salute and the Transference of Architectural Forms

Julia Paoli
Deconstructing "Woman": The Works of Cindy Sherman

Sharday Mosurinjohn
Conservative Culture: Canada's Federal Policies and Calgary's Practices

Sarah Nantais
Pound's "In a Station of the Metro": Turning from the Pen to the Pallette

Jessica Surtees
Fetishizing Pornography: Freedom of Expression vs. Obscenity

Emily Heersink
Expensive Wallpaper: The Belittlement of Meaning in 17th Century Dutch Art

Andrea Dixon
Issues of Representation

Mallory Austin
Representations of the Scream Across Time

Ruheena Sangrar
The Stamina of Gandhian Philosophy: Khadi Production in India's Textile Industry

Stephanie Liokossis
A Woman, a Mother, a Fighter: Sweatshops and Immigrant Women

William Lockett
The Lee-Chin Crystal Controversy

Sara Loureiro
The Art of Community