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A projection of hand-drawn flowers and a nighttime scene against a wall with personal materials assembled

Marvelous Monsters

Tommy Bourque
June 25 - July 16, 2021

Marvelous Monsters presents speculative worlds and speculative figures. This immersive exhibition of installation works by Tommy Bourque evokes physically and psychologically visceral feelings of tension through dynamic, antithetical and aesthetical relationships. Constructed scenarios present subtle and extreme opposites. Sculptural objects and bodies are complemented or animated by digital technology to explore aspects of the (post)human and provoke emotional responses in viewers to contrasting effects, inspiring ambivalence or confusion.

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The Artlab is pleased to be able to open to appointments for the last day of Tommy Bourque's exhibition, Friday, July 16th, 2021. To schedule your visit, please do so online using the link below. If you have questions or are seeking additional information regarding your next visit to the gallery, feel free to reach out to the Gallery Manager at

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