Senate Agenda - EXHIBIT IV - June 21, 2001



Siting - Advanced Technology Centre

At a joint meeting held on June 11, 2001, the Senate Committee on University Planning (SCUP) and the Subcommittee on Capital Allocations (SUCA) recommended siting of the Advanced Technology Centre as shown on the attached drawing, adjacent to the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel, as well as an addition to the Engineering Science Building for four general university classrooms.

In January 2001, the Property and Finance Committee approved the award of the Consultant Contract for the Advanced Technology Centre Project to the design team led by Malhotra Nicholson Architects. The commission included the development of a concept and siting plan at a cost of $55,000 and design services for the project at 8.1% of the total construction cost. The functional program and proposed siting have been completed.

In addition to the site chosen, two others were examined for the Advanced Technology Centre. These alternatives involved additions to the existing Engineering Building but were discarded because of cost and functionality considerations.

This project will be funded from the SuperBuild Fund, CFI grants, and a portion of the increased Engineering tuition fees. The time lines for construction are very tight for completion before September 2003.