CIBC Chair in Human Capital and Productivity

Donor and Funding: This annually funded Chair is made possible by a generous donation from the CIBC Charitable Foundation in the amount of $500,000 to be received over five years. In accordance with University policy, an amount equal to 5% of the total gift will be applied to support fundraising, donor management and stewardship costs. This will result in a net gift of $475,000 available for spending.

Annual Spending: Up to $95,000 annually will be available to the Chair each year to augment the income of the appointee and provide research support in order to ensure his/her retention at Western over the term of the appointment.

Effective Date: July 1, 2000

Purpose: The CIBC Chair in Human Capital and Productivity will support empirical, theoretical and policy-oriented investigation of the relationship between human capital and productivity in the Department of Economics at The University of Western Ontario.

Criteria: Candidates for this position must be tenured members of the Department of Economics at Western. The successful candidate will have a proven record of research and scholarship and should already have gained a significant reputation in academic circles. Appointment as the CIBC Chair in Human Capital and Productivity shall be made according to normal University practices and on the recommendation of a Selection Committee comprised of the Dean of Social Science who will chair the committee, the Chair of the Department of Economics, and two faculty members elected by the Department of Economics. The appointment will be for a five-year term, non-renewable. It is important to note that the special stipend and research monies associated with this position will terminate upon completion of the term. The appointee's remuneration will then revert to his/her normal salary.

The appointee will perform research on human capital and productivity and will also be responsible for related graduate student supervision and teaching within the Department of Economics. The appointee will report to the chair of the Department of Economics and will provide a short written annual report on research and other activities. The appointee will serve as coordinator for the CIBC Program in Human Capital and Productivity. He/she will work closely with the chair of the Department of Economics to assist in the selection of the CIBC Faculty Fellows and the CIBC Post-Doctoral Fellow. The appointee will also liaise with the chief economist of the CIBC or his/her designate. The appointee will organize two conferences on Human Capital and Productivity. One of these conferences will be held during the first half of the appointment. The other will occur in the final two years. From time to time, the appointee will also organize seminars for faculty members and graduate students on work in progress.

Reporting: The Department of Economics agrees to provide a formal annual report to the CIBC Charitable Foundation or others as instructed, regarding all activities of the holder of the Fellowship.

The name of the Chair will be mentioned in any scientific or public activity in which the holder of the Chair, new recruits, students and post-doctoral fellows engaged as part of the program participate.