Annual Report of the Senate Review Board Academic (SRBA)

Senate Agenda - EXHIBIT IV - Meeting of December 5, 1997

Chair: M.D. Owen

Vice-Chairs - M. Atkinson, C. Levine

From September 1, 1996, to August 31, 1997, the Senate Review Board Academic dealt with 30 applications for hearing appeals. Of these, 5 were withdrawn by the applicants prior to the hearing, 3 were referred back to complete the appeal process at the lower levels, 2 were denied a waiver of the six week deadline to appeal to SRBA, 1 was not within the jurisdiction of SRBA and 6 were not allowed to proceed to a hearing based on insufficient grounds.

In all, 13 appeals were heard by SRBA:

1 appeal against scholastic offence/academic sanction- 1 granted

5 appeals for waiver of undergraduate progression requirements- 1 granted, 4 denied

1 appeal against the requirements attached to a waiver of undergraduate progression

requirements*- 1 denied

1 appeal of general marking or grading practices- 1 granted

1 appeal under the Policy on Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities- 1 granted

1 appeal to withdraw from a course without academic penalty*- 1 granted

3 appeals to change a grade*- 2 granted, 1 denied

* Under the revised SRBA procedures, approved by Senate on April 18, 1996, appeals in these categories are not allowed unless the appellant is alleging a failure to follow a Senate regulation, or a failure to observe a procedural requirement at the prior level or bias at the prior level. (The three "appeals to change a grade" were submitted prior to April 18, 1996, thus were allowed under the "old" procedures.)