Policies on Appointing a New President

Section 19 of The University of Western Ontario Act provides:

19. .... the Board may ..

(a) appoint the President and Vice-Chancellor, but before so acting, the Board shall request a recommendation from a committee, to be convened by the chairman of the Board, composed of five members of the Board named by it, and five persons named by the Senate, which committee shall appoint its own chairman and determine its own procedure, and any recommendation of the committee shall be made in writing signed by at least eight members and delivered to the Board within nine months of the date on which the Board names five members to the committee or the date on which the Board requests the Senate to name five persons to the committee, whichever date is later, and, failing a recommendation within that period, the Board may appoint the President


The Senate has, by resolution, determined that one of the five members elected by the Senate shall be a student.

If the Selection Committee does not conclude its work within nine months of the establishment of the committee but is making progress, it will propose a recommendation to the Board that its mandate be extended to ensure there is adequate time to properly completed its task.