SG01-4* Functional magnetic resonance imagining of the monkey brain S. Everling / Physiology $ 5,200
SG01-5* Subversion of innate immune responses by pathogenic bacterial products D.J. Kelvin / Microbiology & Immunology 3,936
SG01-6 Captive Bubble Tensiometer Update F. Possmayer / Obstetrics & Gynaecology 7,500
SG01-7 Investigation of signal transduction cascades and second messenger systems influenced by antipsychotics W. Rushlow / Psychiatry 7,398
SG01-8 The role of versican, an extracellular matrix proteoglycn, in astrocytoma invasion and proliferation L.C. Ang / Pathology 7,500
SG01-55 The spatial and temporal distribution of a fish kill toxin in a natural Harmful Algal Bloom C.G. Trick / Plant Sciences 7,500
SUB TOTAL 39,034
Physical & Mathematical Sciences and Engineering
SG01-24 A Decentralized Approach to Multi-Robot Coordination Based on the Beowulf Cluster Supercomputer Model K. McIsaac / Electrical and Computer Engineering 6,803
SG01-26 Experimental Study of NOx Reduction in Diesel Engines C. Zhang / Mechanical and Materials Engineering 7,500
SG01-27 High Efficiency Ultrasonic Processor for the Sonochemical Treatment of Bitumen A. Bassi / Chemical and Biochemical Engineering 7,200
SG01-34 Groundwater monitoring in Karst Aquifers: Walkerton, Ontario C.C. Smart / Geography 6,813
SG01-54 Vacuum Manifold for Solvent Purification System J.F. Corrigan / Chemistry 5,029
SUB TOTAL 33,345
Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities
SG01-19 Resistance in the early French-speaking African literature: example of Félix Couchoro (1900 - 1968) L-H. Laté / French 7,325
SG01-20* Competence and performance in Second Language acquisition: Do learners know more than we think? J.L.S. Bruhn de Garavito / Modern Languages and Literatures 7,083
SG01-21 Continental Literature, Translation, and Joseph Johnson Circle A. Esterhammer / Modern Languages and Literatures 4,008
SG01-22 Thomas More, Common Lawyer, on the Origin and Nature of International Law A. Young / English 2,850
SG01-23 Drawing Distinctions P. Maynard / Philosophy 5,582
SG01-28* The Formation of a Lifestyle Movement: Natural Foods as Industry and Social Movement L.J. Miller / Information & Media Studies and Sociology 4,778
SG01-29 Tobacco Marketing and Advertising in Canada, 1965 - 1995 D. Robinson / Information & Media Studies 4,860
SG01-30 The Transformation of Status in Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Western Europe S. Clark / Sociology 7,330
SG01-31 Combining class, age, gender, and ethnicity in assessments of health J. McMullin / Sociology 4,743
SG01-37* Readiness for Change and Treatment of Anxiety D.J.A. Dozois, H.A. Westra, T. Hill /


SG01-38 Harmony amid Competition: English Atlantic shipping in the Barbados Trade I.K. Steele / History 6,960
SUB TOTAL 63,019
TOTAL 135,398

* = Encumbered pending ethics approval