Subject: NOTICE re Senate Agenda for April 14

Date: Thu, 13 Apr 2000 15:05:18 -0400

From: Jan Van Fleet <>

To: Members of the Senate

I write on behalf of the Senate Operations/Agenda Committee with regard to the Senate agenda for the April 14th meeting. The Committee has agreed to a request from the Provost that (1) item 4 be withdrawn from the agenda (i.e., Fall Orientation Activities, 2000-01 - Exhibit V); and (2) a new motion be introduced as part of the Ops/Agenda Report which would read as follows:
That Senate rescind the motion passed on March 24, 2000, with regard to the Structure of the Academic Year, minute number S.00-62.

The reasons for the withdrawal and new motion, as presented by the Provost, are as follows:

  1. Subsequent to the Senate's consideration of the motion on March 24, it has become apparent that the shortening of the academic year has significant implications for some individual members of faculty, programs, and Faculties.

    No opportunity was provided before the Senate vote for effective consultations with Deans, Chairs, and other members of the community on these matters.

  2. Many Calendar deadlines (e.g., tuition refunds, etc.) are a function of the specific class start date. All such dates must be identified and changed on the student information system.

    Given the backlog of critical system changes now underway, it is uncertain that we can carry out the changes required in time for implementation in the fall, 2000.

  3. The change to the class start date has raised significant issues regarding the fall orientation period and residence move-in dates that require substantial consultation and time to resolve.

  4. The change in the start date of classes for the fall term involves changes to documentation soon to be sent to all students in preparation for summer registration for fall classes.. This documentation must be sent to the printers before May 1, and issues described here cannot be resolved before that date.