Senate Agenda - EXHIBIT IV - December 8, 2000



Chair - M. Atkinson

Vice-Chairs - S. Galsworthy, P. Barton (to June 30, 2000), M. Speechley (from July 1, 2000)

From September 1, 1999, to August 31, 2000, the Senate Review Board Academic dealt with 32 applications for hearing appeals. Of these, 4 were withdrawn by the applicants prior to the hearing, 1 was referred back to complete the appeal process at the lower level, 1 was denied a waiver of the six week deadline to appeal to SRBA, 1did not fall within the jurisdiction of SRBA, and 2 were not allowed to proceed to a hearing based on insufficient grounds.

In all, 23 appeals were heard by SRBA:

3 appeals against scholastic offence/academic sanction - 3 denied

16 appeals for waiver of undergraduate progression requirements - 2 granted, 14 denied

4 appeals against a grade* of which 2 were against general marking and grading practices. A failure to follow a Senate regulation and bias at the prior level were alleged in 3 cases and a failure to follow a procedural requirement at the prior level was alleged in 1 case. - 2 granted, 2 denied

* Under the revised SRBA procedures, approved by Senate on April 18, 1996, a grade appeal is not allowed unless the appellant is alleging a failure to follow a Senate regulation, or a failure to observe a procedural requirement at the prior level or bias at the prior level. In the above cases, SRBA found no evidence to support the allegations of bias or of a failure to follow a procedural requirement at the prior level.