Senate Agenda - September 22, 2000 EXHIBIT II



1. Nominating Subcommittee - Senate Representative from the General Community

Composition: Five members of Senate, elected by Senate, and the Chair of the Nominating Committee who chairs the subcommittee.


Terms to September 2000: Ross Archibald (Bus.), Darwin Semotiuk (HS), John Thorp (Arts)
Terms to September 2001: Paul Barker (King's), Eric Wood (Educ.)
Chair: Patrick Deane (Arts), Chair of the Senate Nominating Committee

Required: Three members of Senate for two-year terms (to September 2002).


Jim Erskine (Bus.)
Patrick Mahon (Arts)
Ron Watson (HS)

2. University Planning (SCUP)

Composition: Includes six members elected by Senate: one graduate student*; one member of administrative staff; and four members of faculty who are members of Senate at the time elected. Membership terms for elected faculty are three years, non-renewable; graduate student's term is one year, renewable.

* The President of the Society of Graduate Students shall qualify as a student for this purpose.
[The President of the University Students Council is an ex officio member of SCUP.]

Current Senate-Elected Members:

Continuing to June 30, 2001: F. Gauthier (Grad.), W. Kennedy (Admin. Staff), K. McQuillan (Soc. Sci.)
Continuing to June 30, 2002: D. Cunningham (H. Sci.) [Alt. P. Dean (Sci.)], K. Rowe (Engg. Sci.)
Continuing to June 30, 2003: S. Rich (Ed.)

Required: One member of faculty who is a member of Senate to replace K. Rowe who has resigned (term to June 30, 2002).

Nominee: Louise Milligan (Sci.)

3. Subcommittee on Research Ethics Policy (SUREP)

Composition: Includes a Chair of the Subcommittee, two Ethicists, and two additional members to be elected by Senate.

Terms to June 30, 2001: Jeff Nisker (M&D)[Ethicist], Dalice Sim (M&D)
Terms to June 30, 2002: Bill Fisher [Chair] (Soc. Sci.), Barry Hoffmaster (Arts) [Ethicist], Bill Avison (Soc.Sci.)

Required: One member who is not an Ethicist* to replace Bill Avison who has resigned (term to June 30, 2002).

* Definition for "Ethicist": an individual whose research or scholarship includes study of the discipline dealing with professional, practical or philosophical ethics. "Ethics" is defined as moral principles and values or the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group.

Nominee: Jim Côté (Soc.Sci.) (to June 30, 2002)

4. Senate Review Board Academic (SRBA)

Composition: Includes a Chair and twenty-three voting members; thirteen members of faculty and ten students (six undergraduates and four graduates).

Current Student Members:

Continuing to November 30, 2000:

Undergraduates: P. Hong, M. Gillespie, M. Lawless, M. Parker, C. Sinal, J. Sutton

Graduates: S. Mangos, M. McKenzie [Alt. to Sept. 30/2000 - D. Raymond], R. Gowing, A. Schulte-Hostedde

Required: One graduate student to complete the term of M. McKenzie who has resigned (term to November 30, 2000)

Nominee: Dwayne Raymond