Senate Agenda - EXHIBIT VI - April 14, 2000




Huron College Theological Convocation
The Huron College Theological Convocation will take place on Tuesday, May 2, 2000. The honorary Doctor of Divinity degree recipient will be the Reverend Canon T. Herbert O'Driscoll.

Chair and Vice-Chair of Senate Committees

Senate Committee on Academic Policy and Admissions
Chair: J. Thorp; Vice-Chair: T. Fulton


On the recommendation of the Senate, the Board of Governors, or a committee of the Board delegated to act on its behalf, has approved or received for information the following items:

S.00-35 Appointments Procedures: Associate Vice-President (Research)
S.00-38 Exchange Agreements with Other Universities
S.00-39 Brescia College: Introduction of a BA Program in Family Studies
S.00-40 1999-2000 Winners of The Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching
S.00-41 1999-2000 Winner of The Marilyn Robinson Award for Excellence in Teaching
S.00-42 First-Entry Undergraduate Enrolment for 2000-2001
S.00-43 Affiliated Colleges - Entrance Requirements for 2000-2001
S.00-45 Planning for new Construction [Preserving Canada's Most Beautiful Campus]
S.00-46 Honorary Degree Recipients - Spring Convocation 2000