Senate Agenda - EXHIBIT VI - March 3, 2000




Chairs and Vice-Chairs of Senate Committees

Senate Committee on Academic Policy and Admissions
P. Fulton has been elected Vice-Chair of SCAPA (term to April 2000).

University Council on Animal Care
A. Weedon has been elected Vice-Chair of UCAC (term to November 2000).

University Council on Student Housing
A. Malowitz has been elected Chair and A. Pite has been elected Vice-Chair of UCOSH.


On the recommendation of the Senate, the Board of Governors, or a committee of the Board delegated to act on its behalf, has approved or received for information the following items:

S.99-302 The Vice-Provost's Advisory Committee on a Student Code of Conduct
S.99-307 University Council on Animal Care Annual Report - 1998
S.00-05 Mandated Review of Faculty of Health Sciences P & T Procedures
S.00-13 Affiliation Agreement between UWO and Brescia College, Huron College and King's College
S.00-14 Four-Year BSc Program in Human Ecology (Foods and Nutrition)
S.00-22 Proposal for Reform of the Undergraduate ProgramL S.00-23 The Donald K. Jackson Chair in Entrepreneurship
S.00-24 George and Mary Turnbull Faculty Fellowship
S.00-25 Nortel networks Director, Asian Management Institute
S.00-26 Earl H. Orser/London Life Faculty Fellowship
S.00-27 Louis Lagassé Family Faculty Fellowship
S.00-28 Faculty Appointments by Gender
S.00-29 Report of the Academic Colleague [248th Meeting of COU]