Senate Agenda - EXHIBIT VI - January 28, 2000

Report on the 248th Meeting of the Council of Ontario Universities

December 16, 17, 1999

D.M.R. Bentley, Academic Colleague

t the Academic Colleagues' Caucus preceding the meeting of Council, there was much discussion of two issues:

At the meeting of Council, there was extensive discussion about the ways, means, and timing of COU's financial representations to the Government, the most vociferously expressed view being that the universities should take a principled stance on the issue of quality and refuse to increase enrolments without additional funding.

Various reports included the following information:

Professor Albert Katz's question anent the discriminatory advertisement recently placed by the Department of Psychology at Wilfrid Laurier University of whether the COU has a position on such ads was raised at both the Colleagues' Caucus and the meeting of Council. At the suggestion of the Colleagues, it was referred to the standing committees on Employment and Educational Equity and the Status of Women.