Senate Agenda, June 23, 2000 - EXHIBIT V, Appendix 2

Official Web sites at UWO

The following is a current list of the Official Web Sites at UWO. The * following a web page title indicates that the Information Provides Agreement, required by ITS, had been returned by Wednesday, June 7, 2000. As of this date 116 of the potential 185 agreements had been returned, representing approximately 63% of the list. Commencing May 2000 those web sites housed on the UWO web server that exceed 30Mb are being charged a fee.

Title on web page URL Web server
Multi-Disciplinary Accident Research Team [67] * engga
Administrative and Commercial Studies Program [52] * sscl
Advanced Communication Engineering Centre * engga
University Advancement [57] * uwo
Alumni and Friends uwo
UWO Department of Anesthesiology [56] *
Anatomy and Cell Biology [11] * uwo
Animal Care and Veterinary Services * uwo
The University Council on Animal Care (UCAC) uwo
The Anthropology Department at UWO [74] * sscl
The Applied Electrostatic Research Centre [81] * engga
Department of Applied Mathematics apmaths
Faculty of Arts uwo
Centre for textual Scholarship uwo
Biochemistry@UWO [37] * biochem
the BookStore at Western uwo
The Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory [80] * blow.blwtl
Brescia College [12] * uwo
Richard Ivey School of Business Administration
U.W.O. Campus Computer Store
UWO Chaplains uwo
Chemical & Biochemical Engineering * engga
Centre for Chemical Physics [4] * uwo
Chemical Reactor Engineering Centre * uwo
Chemistry at the University of Western Ontario uwo
Civil & Environmental Engineering * engga
Classics at Western uwo
Clinical Neurological Sciences uwo
The Centre for Paediatric Neurosciences uwo
The UWO Centre for Cognitive Science cogsci
The Centre for Communicative and Cognitive Disabilities (CCCD) [18] * uwo
School of Communication Sciences and Disorders [6] * uwo
Department of Communications and Public Affairs [70] * comms
Western News Online [71] * uwo
Department of Computer Science [62] * csd
Conference Services [20] * uwo
The Western Centre for Continuing Studies uwo
School of Dentistry [42] * dentistry.uwo
Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
The Department of Earth Sciences [92] * uwo
Department of Economics sscl
The Faculty of Education * uwo
Educational Development Office [3] * uwo
Electrical & Computer Engineering * engga
UWO Emergency Preparedness and Response * uwo
Employee Relations [17] * uwo
Faculty of Engineering Science * engga
Department of English [63] * uwo
Graduate Program in Environmental Science 1997-98 uwo
Epidemiology & Biostatistics [30] * uwo
Equity Services [27] * uwo
Faculty Association [73] * uwo
Department of Family Medicine [23] * uwo
Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic [13] * fowlerkennedy
Centre for Studies in Family Medicine [23] * uwo
Population and Community Health Unit [23] * uwo
Thames Valley Family Practice Research Unit [23] * uwo
Financial Services [82] * uwo
Treasury [84] * uwo
Student Development Centre First Nations sdc
Foundation Western uwo
Department of French uwo
Honors B.Sc. Program in Genetics biocore
Department of Geography [51] * uwo
Geotechnical Research Centre [29] * engga
Society of Graduate Students [86] * uwo
Faculty of Graduate Studies [31] * uwo
UWO Graduate Teaching Assistants' Union uwo
Graphic Services uwo
Centre for Health and Well-Being sscl
Faculty of Health Sciences [5] * uwo
History Department sscl
Housing Mediation Service [20] * uwo
Division of Housing and Food Services [20] * uwo
Housing [20] * uwo
Food Services [20] * uwo
Centre for Human Nutrition uwo
Huron College [65] * uwo
Research Western Office of Industry Liaison [19] * uwo
Information Technology Services [36] * uwo
Faculty of Information and Media Studies [60] * fims
Graduate Program in Journalism [60] * [] uwo
Graduate Program in Library and Information Science [60] * [] uwo
Institutional Planning and Budgeting [93] uwo
Institutional Planning and Budgetting [93] uwo
Interdisciplinary Group on Aging sscl
Interface Science Western uwo
International Research [45] * uwo
School of Kinesiology [7] * uwo
Intercollegiate Athletics uwo
Sport Western [21] * uwo
The Centre for Activity and Ageing [58] * uwo
International Centre for Olympic Studies uwo
Western Campus Recreation [35] * uwo
Hearing Health Care Research Unit uwo
King's College [32] * uwo
Language Learning Centre uwo
Faculty of Law [41] * uwo
Lawson Research Institute lri
Let's Talk Science [49] * letstalkscience
Libraries and Information Services [72] * lib.uwo
Linguistics [87] * uwo
London Museum of Archaeology [85] * uwo
Macromolecular Engineering Research Centre * engga
Department of Mathematics math
The McIntosh Gallery [28] * uwo
The Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering * engga
Media Watch [91] * uwo
The Department of Medical Biophysics [50] * uwo
Department of Medicine lhsc
Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry med
Department of Microbiology & Immunology mni
Modern Languages and Literatures uwo
Faculty of Music [75] * uwo
Department of Music Education [76] * uwo
Department of Music History [77] * uwo
Department of Music Performance Studies [78] * uwo
Department of Theory and Composition [79] * uwo
Hearing Health Care Research Unit uwo
Graduate Program in Neuroscience physiology
School of Nursing [8] * uwo
Ob/gyn at Western uwo
Department of Occupational Health and Safety uwo
School of Occupational Therapy [9] * uwo
Ombuds Office [26] * uwo
The Department of Oncology [59] * uwo
Department of Ophthalmology uwo
Department of Otolaryngology [25] * uwo
Department of Paediatrics [1] * uwo
Parking and Visitor Services uwo
Department of Pathology uwo
Payroll/Records [40] * uwo
The Department of Pensions, Benefits and Payroll/Records uwo
Pharmacology & Toxicology [48] *
Philosophy uwo
Physical Plant & Capital Planning Services [88] * uwo
School of Physical Therapy [10] * uwo
Department of Physics and Astronomy physics
Physiology at Western physiology
The Department of Plant Sciences [43] * uwo and biocore
Plastic Surgery uwo
Police Department uwo
Department of Political Science [55] * sscl
Population Studies Centre [54] * sscl
The Office of the President uwo
The President's Committee on the Safety of Women on Campus [68] * uwo
Research Facility for Gay and Lesbian Studies uwo
Professional & Managerial Association uwo
Department of Psychiatry [61] *
Department of Psychology [34] * sscl
Purchasing Department [83] * uwo
Office of the Registrar registrar
Research and Scholarship [14] * uwo
Research Western, Research Ethics Office [15] * uwo
Research Western CFI-ORDCF [46] * uwo
Research Western Office of Research Services [16] * uwo
The John P. Robarts Research Institute [44] * rri
Western Science uwo
The Sherwood Fox Arboretum [64] * uwo
Faculty of Social Science * sscl
Social Science Computing Lab [38] * sscl
Sociology at Western [53] * sscl
Spencer Hall
Sports Law Centre uwo
Staff Association UWOSA [47] * uwo
Department of Statistical and Acutarial Sciences [22] * stats
Student Development Centre sdc
Student Health Services shs
Surface Science Western [24] * uwo
Canadian Synchrotron Radiation Facility [69] * uwo
Technical Services uwo
Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism uwo
Tribology Research Centre * engga
University Machine Services * engga
University Preschool [33] * sscl
Governance and Institutional Information [2] * uwo
Students' Council [39] * usc
Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children uwo
The Department of Visual Arts uwo
Western Foot Patrol uwo
Westminster College uwo
The Windermere London [89] * uwo
Western's Caucus on Women's Issues [90] * uwo
Women's Studies uwo
Department of Zoology uwo