Senate Agenda, March 3, 2000 - EXHIBIT III, Appendix 2

Bachelor of Arts Program in Family Studies at Brescia College


The interdisciplinary BA in Family Studies will include a combination of new and existing courses. Students in the 3-year BA program will include 5 upper year courses in their program including the required FS 200 core course; students in the 4-year BA program will include 7.5 upper year courses in their program including the required FS 200 required core course.

In addition to core courses, students will choose courses from a list of approved options offered by various departments and programs. Students in the fourth year of the 4-year general program may apply to take Family Studies 401a/b (Family Studies Practicum) but will be expected to have met experience and volunteer guidelines. Family Studies 402a/b will be mounted in cooperation with the Human Ecology department.

A new first-year core course will be required of all students in the program. Family Studies 020, Introduction to Family Studies, will be team-taught by several members of Brescia faculty drawn from Social Science departments and from Human Ecology. In the introductory course students will encounter the great variability that exists in family structures and roles through time and space and the many different perspectives from which families are analyzed. Students will be challenged to examine their own definitions of "family" and their own experiences in a wider context.

A second required course, Family Studies 200, Current Issues in Family Studies, will focus closely on Canadian family issues and will include a section on research methodology.

List of Approved Courses for Family Studies BA:

Women's Studies Special Topics courses, as appropriate