230F/G Music History: c.1600 to c.1800 (if not taken as part of basic history)

231F/G Music History: c.1800 to present (if not taken as part of basic history)

304a/b Medieval Music

305a/b Renaissance Music

311a/b Opera to c.1830

315a/b Music of the Baroque

321a/b The Symphony 1750-1850

322a/b The Symphony 1850 to the Present

331a/b Issues in Performance Practice I

332a/b Issues in Performance Practice II

336a/b Opera c.1830 to c.1925

352a/b Issues in Musicology

357a/b Chamber Music

361a/b Classical Music

371a/b Music of the Early 20th Century

372a/b Music of the Late 20th Century

373a/b Topics in Canadian Music

377a/b Opera c.1925 to the Present

381a/b Romantic Music

397a/b Special Topics (seminar)

399a/b Special Topics (course)

452a/b Notations of Early Music


165a/b Music in Post World War II Popular Culture


265a/b Music in Post World War II Popular Culture

166a/b Musical Theatre


266a/b Musical Theatre

167a/b Introduction to Jazz


267a/b Introduction to Jazz

306a/b Popular Music: Genre Studies I

308a/b Popular Music: Composer/Artist Studies I

310a/b Popular Music: Studies in Performance and Style I

367a/b Topics in Jazz I

406a/b Popular Music: Genre Studies II

408a/b Popular Music: Composer/Artist Studies II

410a/b Popular Music: Studies in Performance and Style II

467a/b Topics in Jazz II


Administrative and Commercial Studies

155a/b Human Relations in the Organization

275a/b Business Law I

355F/G Women in the Canadian Workplace

356F/G Contemporary Perspectives on Women in the Workplace

360a/b Intermediate Accounting I (if not taken as part of the ACS core)

361a/b Intermediate Accounting II (if not taken as part of the ACS core)

372 Management Accounting (if not taken as part of the ACS core)

460a/b Advanced Accounting I

461a/b Advanced Accounting II

Computer Science

026a/b Computer Science Fundamentals I

027a/b Computer Science Fundamentals II

031a/b Computing Concepts for Business Applications

154a/b Introduction to File Processing

179a/b Introduction to Systems Analysis

208a/b Fundamentals of Computer Organization

209a/b Applied Logic for Computer Science


150a/b Intermediate Microeconomic Theory I

151a/b Intermediate Microeconomic Theory II

152a/b Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory I

153a/b Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory II

154a/b Money [Econ 152]

156a/b Labor Economics-Bargaining

162a/b Comparative International Business

156a/b Labor Economics-Bargaining

163a/b International Trade

164a/b International Finance

171F/G Comparative Economic Systems

176a/b Economic Analysis of Law: property Rights and Contracts

184a/b Cost-Benefit Analysis

288F/G Economic Policy I

289F/G Economic Policy II


117 Reading Popular Culture

138E Canadian Literature and Culture

200 Reading Criticism Reading Literature


020E An Introduction to FIlm

153E American Film

154E Film Comedy/Film Genres

158F/G Canadian Film

257F/G Contemporary Film

270F/G Film Aesthetics

271F/G Film Theory


171a/b Foundations of the Geography of World Business


144F/G Canadian Business and Labor History

182a/b Women in the Work Force 1700-1990

281E International Relations Since 1939


340 Introduction to Law


026a/b Introduction to Information Retrieval

136F/G Popular Music as Culture

144F/G Critical Approaches to the Information Explosion

337F/G Culture and the Music Industry in the Global Context

Selected special topics courses (check with the Chair of Music History for suitability)


146E Values and Public Policy

162F/G Business Ethics

164F/G Philosophy of Economics

Political Science

186 Information Technology and Decision Making in Administration

211E Business and Government

236E Local Government

246E Public Administration


132a/b Theories of Mass Communication

133a/b Public Opinion

138 Canadian Society

169 Sociology of Work and Industry

Theatre Arts

020E An Introduction to Theatre Studies

294 Acting and Directing

392 Theatre Production

395 Advanced Directing

396 Advanced Acting

Visual Arts

130 Understanding the Visual Arts

175E Canadian Art

380E Art Criticism


101F/G Introduction to Expository Writing

203F/G Writing for Publication

207F/G Writing and Reading in an Electronic Environment

209F/G Desk-Top Publishing

210F/G Contemporary Grammar