Senate Agenda - EXHIBIT IV - April 16, 1999



1. 1999-2000 University Operating and Capital Budget

Recommended: That Senate approve and recommend to the Board of Governors, through the Vice-Chancellor, the 1999-2000 University Operating and Capital Budgets (distributed on April 7), including the University's Quality Improvement Plan and the tuition fees as summarized in the bolded and indented section on page 12 of the Operating Budget.

2. 125th Anniversary Campaign Priorities

Recommended: That the Senate approve and recommend to the Board of Governors, through the Vice-Chancellor, the project priorities and Faculty/unit goals summarized in Appendix 1, for inclusion in the University of Western Ontario's fundraising campaign.


See the memorandum of March 31, 1999, from the Provost & Vice-President (Academic) and the Vice-President (External) included in Appendix 1.


1. Report on new Graduate Scholarships/Awards/Bursaries

SCUP has approved on behalf of Senate the terms of reference for new scholarships, bursaries, prizes and awards shown below. These will be recommended to the Board of Governors, through the Vice-Chancellor, for approval.

3M Canada Company MBA Bursaries (2) (Faculty of Graduate Studies/Social Sciences Division/Business)

Awarded to full-time MBA students at the Richard Ivey School of Business based on financial need. Applications can be obtained from the Richard Ivey School of Business and must be returned by April 1. These bursaries are made possible by the generosity of 3M Canada Company.

Value: 2 at $1,000 annually
Effective: May 1998

William C. Heine Fellowship for International Media Studies (Faculty of Graduate Studies/Social Sciences Division/Information & Media Studies)

Awarded to a student who is pursuing a graduate program (part-time or full-time) or the undergraduate program in Media, Information & Technoculture (full-time), to work or study in a country of the Third World (Asia, Africa and Latin America) for a period of no less than a semester. The recipient will be selected by a faculty committee consisting of undergraduate as well as graduate faculty. The criteria for selection will include academic achievement (minimum 78% for the last 5 full courses), country-specific language skills and on the quality of the applicant's proposed program of study.

Applications can be obtained from the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Information & Media Studies and must be submitted by December 1. For further details and application materials contact the Dean's Office in FIMS. This fellowship was established through Foundation Western by a bequest from William C. Heine (BA '49).

Value: up to $13,000 will be available annually, but the award value can be increased as funds permit if the fellowship is offered biennially or two out of every three years.

Effective Date: May 1999

Malcolm Ferguson Award in Life Sciences (Faculty of Graduate Studies/Biosciences Division/Plant Sciences and Zoology)

Awarded to a full-time graduate student enrolled in a MSc or PhD degree program in Zoology or Plant Biology within Plant Sciences based on academic performance over the previous two years (minimum 78%) and overall research contributions. Applicants are requested to provide an up-to-date curriculum vitae, academic transcripts and a reference letter from their graduate supervisor by September 30. Selection will be made by the Department Chair based on applications ranked by the appropriate departmental Graduate Education Committee.

This award was established through Foundation Western in memory of Malcolm Ferguson by his wife Ruth to recognize his lifetime interest in Life Sciences and to reward excellence in the studies and research of graduate students in this field.

Value: $1,000 annually (to alternate between Zoology and Plant Sciences)
Effective: May 1999 (for Zoology)

The Robert V. Brouillard MBA Award (Faculty of Graduate Studies/Social Sciences Division/Business)

Awarded to a Canadian student entering the first year of the MBA program based on demonstrated financial need and demonstrated interest in international business (through background, experience, course selection and declared career interest.

The award will be renewed for year two of the program provided that the recipient maintains a standing in the top third of the class in MBA 1 and continues to satisfy the above criteria. If the first year recipient does not meet these requirements for second year, other students in MBA 2 will have an opportunity to apply for this award.

Application forms for these awards are available from the Admissions Office of the Richard Ivey School of Business. Award recipients will be selected by the MBA Scholarship Committee of the Richard Ivey School of Business.

This award is made possible through a generous donation from alumnus Robert V. Brouillard, FCMC (MBA 1966).

Value: $10,000
May 1999

2. Report of the Subcommittee on Priorities in Academic Development (SUPAD)

Academic Development Fund

The total budget for the Academic Development Fund in 1999-2000 is $1 million. Of this, $133,011 is required to fund the second and third years of projects in the Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities disciplines given multi-year funding in the 1997-98 and 1998-99 competitions. The sum available for allocation in 1999 is therefore $866,989, plus $28,101 reverted to the ADF budget from unused portions of previous awards.

This year SUPAD reviewed 63 applications for funding under the ADF, an increase over the previous year when 59 applications were received. Of the 63 applications, 19 were recommended for funding. The total amount requested by these 63 applicants was $4,283,896; of this, $3,656,246 was requested for 1999 - 2000.

As in previous years, SUPAD divided into three sub-groups in order to facilitate the detailed review and preliminary ranking of the applications. The subgroups and the number of applications within each are

noted below.
Applications Funding


Received Recommended
Biosciences 30 8 $411,339
Physical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering 25 8 $325,397
Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities 8 3 $150,822
63 19 $887, 558

Reports from a total of 93 arm's-length external referees contributed to the assessment of the projects this year.

Applications involving computers were referred to the Senate Committee on Information Technology and Services (SCITS) for technical assessment.

SUPAD met twice as a whole to evaluate the applications and related materials. Separate meetings of sub-groups did preliminary evaluations.

The total amount of the awards recommended for 1999-2000 is $887,558, excluding recommendations for multi-year projects totalling $22,687 for 2000-2001. Details are provided on the attached table (Appendix 2).

3. Provost's Statistical Summary: Faculty Appointments by Gender

The Provost's Statistical Summary on Faculty Appointments by Gender was last provided to Senate in January 1998. One difficulty with the report was that its data did not match with those compiled by Statistics Canada because reporting periods differed. Institutional Planning and Budgeting have taken on the responsibility to develop a new, more comprehensive report that will use StatsCan data. It is hoped that that report will be available in early fall 1999.