Senate Agenda - EXHIBIT III - April 16, 1999



1. Report on New Undergraduate Scholarships/Bursaries

SCAPA has approved on behalf of the Senate the following Terms of Reference for new scholarships and bursaries, for recommendation to the Board of Governors through the Vice-Chancellor:

Barrett Family Scholarship (Faculty of Information & Media Studies)

Awarded to a full-time undergraduate student in the Faculty of Information & Media Studies, in any year beyond year one, based on academic achievement (minimum 80% average) and demonstrated financial need. Applications are available at the Office of the Registrar and must be returned by October 31. The scholarships committee of the Faculty of Information & Media Studies will select the recipient in conjunction with Financial Aid Services. This scholarship was established through Foundation Western by William, David and Kathie Barrett.

Value: $500
Effective May 1999

This scholarship will receive matched funding through OSOTF

Rix Family OSOTF Bursary (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, Medicine)

Available to a student in the second, third or fourth phase of Medicine on the basis of financial need and consideration of academic standing. This bursary was established through Foundation Western by Dr. & Mrs. Donald B. Rix.

Value: 2 at $750
Effective May 1999

This bursary will receive matched funding through OSOTF.

Meds Class of 1952 Bursaries (Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, Medicine)

Awarded to full-time undergraduate students in medicine on the basis of financial need. These bursaries were made possible by the generosity of graduates of the Faculty of Medicine, Class of 1952, to assist medical students in financial need. Established through Foundation Western.

Value: 1 at $1,100 effective May 1999
2 at $1,100 effective May 2000

These bursaries will receive matched funding through OSOTF

Anne Sale Porte Scholarship (Faculty of Science, Plant Sciences, Zoology)

Awarded annually to an undergraduate student in year 4 who is enrolled in Honors Biology, Ecology and Evolution or Zoology and has achieved a minimum average of 80% in year 3 of the BSc Biology Program. The recipient will be selected jointly by the Chair of Plant Sciences and the Chair of Zoology. This scholarship was made possible by a bequest from the late Anne Sale Porte (BA'50) through Foundation Western.

Value: $1,100 annually
Effective May 1999

2. Sessional Dates: Faculty of Law

Listed below are the Sessional dates for 2000 for the Faculty of Law:

January 10 January term commences

February 3 January term classes end

February 4 January term examinations

February 7-11 Study Week

February 14 Spring term commences

April 12 Spring term classes end

April 14 Examinations begin

April 20 Passover - no examinations

April 21 Good Friday - no examinations

April 28 Spring term ends