Senate Agenda - EXHIBIT IV - September 17, 1999 - Appendix 2

J.J. Wettlaufer Faculty Fellowship


The mission of the Richard Ivey School of Business is to prepare outstanding leaders for today's global business environment. In pursuit of this mission, Ivey is committed to achieving a place at the forefront of business schools worldwide - a goal which entails a truly international vision in all of our degree and executive programs and our research.

A world-class reputation for excellence depends upon the recruitment of faculty of the calibre to support that reputation. Building a core of faculty that is second to none in the world is a critical part of the School's strategy to secure an international reputation as a leading business school.

In recognition of the Ivey Business School's commitment to recruit and retain individuals who demonstrate leadership in national and international business, the Richard Ivey School of Business is proud to establish the J.J. Wettlaufer Faculty Fellowship in an area of need identified annually by the Ivey Business School.


At the time of appointment, the appointee will be a member of the faculty of the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario. The Fellowship will enable Ivey to recruit and sustain young, talented faculty from around the world. The responsibility of the appointee will be to develop research and teaching materials as deemed a priority by the Deans' Office.


Appointments to J.J. Wettlaufer Faculty Fellowship will be for a period of up to three years.

Selection Committee

The appointee will be recommended by a selection committee constituted as follows:


Funding for the Fellowship will be obtained from donations designated to the Faculty Development Fund at the University of Western Ontario.

The funding will be used to provide salary support for the incumbent. Within these general guidelines, the use of the funds should be as flexible as possible with the proviso that the incumbent will consult with the Dean of the Business School in determining the exact allocation.


The appointee to the Fellowship will be clearly identified as the J.J. Wettlaufer Faculty Fellow in Ivey Business School and University publications, in articles or books published over the term of the appointment to the Fellowship and in relevant letterheads and like material.