Senate Agenda - EXHIBIT VI - November 13, 1998



Faculty of Science

R.A. Haines, Associate Dean; July 1, 1999 - June 30, 2002

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

A.M. Smith, Acting Chair, Dept. of Oncology; July 1, 1998 - June 30, 1999

Chairs and Vice-Chairs of Senate Committees

Senate Sabbatical Leave Committee

Chair: K. McQuillan; Vice-Chair: A. Esterhammer


On the recommendation of the Senate, the Board of Governors, or a committee of the Board delegated to act on its behalf, has approved or received for information the following items:

S.98-203 Delegation of Authority on Committees Mandated Under Conditions of Appointment

S.98-204 Appointments Procedures: Selection Committees for Chairs of Departments and Directors of Schools within the Faculty of Health Sciences

S.98-205 Appointment Procedures: Section V- Director of Industry Liaison

S.98-207 1999 Convocation Dates

S.98-209 Annual Report of the University Research Board

S.98-220 Report on New Undergraduate Scholarship/Awards/Bursaries

S.98-222 MClSc Program in Occupational Therapy to Replace the BSc(OT)

S.98-223 PhD Program in Rehabilitation Sciences

S.98-224 Honorary Degree Recipients - Fall Convocation 1998

S.98-225 Announcements

S.98-230 President's Priorities for 1998-99

S.98-240 Order of Convocation - Spring 1999

S.98-247b Four-Year Honors Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHSc)

S.98-247c Rural Health Stream in the Bachelor of Health Sciences Program

S.98-251 Report on new Undergraduate Scholarships/Awards/Bursaries

S.98-252 Annual Report of the Senate Committee on Promotion and Tenure I

S.98-253 Annual Report of the Senate Committee on Promotion and Tenure II

S.98-254 Annual Report of the Senate Committee on Appeals

S.98-255 Announcements