Report of the Senate Committee on University Planning

Senate Agenda - EXHIBIT IV - May 15, 1998


1. 1998-99 University Budget

Recommended: That the Senate approve and recommend to the Board of Governors, through the Vice-Chancellor, the 1998-99 University Budget including the changes described in Appendix 1 and revised tables 10a and 10b.

NOTE: The 1998-99 University Budget was previously and separately distributed to Senate members to permit discussion at the special meeting of Senate on May 11, 1998.


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2. Change of Name: Department of Music Performance Studies

Recommended: That SCUP approve and recommend to Senate that, effective July 1, 1998, the Applied Music Department be redesignated Department of Music Performance Studies and that the Constitution of the Faculty of Music be amended accordingly.


The Applied Music Department and the Council of the Faculty of Music have voted to change the name of the Department to Department of Music Performance Studies.

The change reflects the Department's deepening interest in the critical/aesthetic as well as practical aspects of music performance. Members of the Department have gradually become engaged in far more than individual studio lessons, and the conduct of small and large ensembles. More course offerings and research/creative projects are exploring the contemporary research area broadly defined as "performance studies": for example, historically-informed performance, performance in social context, and interaction of traditional performance and pedagogy with new digital technologies. The proposed nomenclature better expresses this extended range of activity.