Report of the Nominating Committee

Senate Agenda - EXHIBIT II - May 15, 1998


1. Operations/Agenda Committee

Composition: Nine current members of Senate, at least one of whom shall be a student. The Vice-Chair of Senate is the Chair ex officio of this Committee.

Required: One Senator to complete the term of Kelly Porter who has resigned (term to November 1998).

Nominee: Melissa Cousineau (Undergraduate Student)

2.Senate Committee on Academic Policy and Admissions (SCAPA)

Composition: Includes two students, at least one of whom is a graduate student and at least one of whom is a member of Senate

Current Senate-Elected Student Members: R. Walker (S) (Undergrad.), C. Yu (Grad.)

Required: One graduate student to replace C. Yu who has resigned (term to December 31, 1998)

Nominee: Peter Weiler (Graduate/Zoology)


Senate By-Law VI 13.a): ... Upon the granting of the Leave of Absence, the Nominating Committee shall appoint a temporary replacement and report its actions to the Senate.

1. Senate Review Board Academic (SRBA)

Boyd Holmes has been appointed to serve as alternate for L. Fishback (term to August 31, 1998) who has requested a leave of absence from SRBA.