Report of the Nominating Committee

Senate Agenda - EXHIBIT II - April 17, 1998


1. Academic Colleague

Required: One member of faculty to serve as Academic Colleague to COU for a two-year term ending

June 30, 2000.

The incumbent Academic Colleague is Professor T.G. Kennedy; since he has served two two-year terms, he is ineligible for reappointment. The Alternate Academic Colleague is the Chair of SCUP, ex officio.

Nominee: David Bentley (Arts)

2. Senate Grievance Committee

Composition: The panel from which members are selected by lot is composed of nine tenured members of the faculty of the constituent University, elected by Senate. At least one member of this panel but not more than two shall be from each of the Faculties of Arts, Science, Social Science and Medicine (& Dentistry), and not more than one shall be from any other Faculty.

D. Fahselt (Sci.) (term to April 30, 1998)
M. Goodale (Soc.Sci.) (term to April 30, 1998)
C. Thomson (Arts) ( " )

I. Connidis (Soc.Sci.) (term to April 30, 1999)
S. Dunn (M&D) ( " )
V. Tumanov (Arts) ( " )
[Alt. R. Green (Arts) to April 30, 1998]

J. Hore (M&D) (term to April 30, 2000)
H. Laschinger (HS) ( " )
T. Lookman (Sci.) ( " )

Required: Three members of the faculty of the constituent University with tenure.

Of these none may be from the Faculties of Health Sciences or Med. & Dent. and not more than one may be from any other Faculty. (Terms May 1, 1998 - April 30, 2001)


Regna Darnell (Soc.Sci.)
Dianne Fahselt (Sci.)
Tom Tausky (Arts)

3. McIntosh Gallery Committee

Composition: Includes two members appointed by Senate.

Current Senate-appointed Members:

Retiring May 1998: D. Laidler
Continuing to May 1999: A.M.J. Hyatt

Required: One person to serve on the McIntosh Gallery Committee (term to May 2000).

Nominee: Minnette Gaudet (Arts)

4. Senate Committee on Housing Policy (SCOHP)

Composition: Includes six persons elected by the Senate, at least two of whom are members of Senate, including: one Dean, one member of faculty, three students, and one representative of the general community.

Current Senate-Elected Members:

Retiring April 30, 1998:
M. Cousineau (S)
A. Prabhakar (S)
K. Vandeyar
J. Good (S)

Continuing to April 30, 1999:
S. Bentley
R. Haines

Required: Four persons: one dean and three students, at least one of whom is a member of Senate. (Terms: students, 1 year; faculty/gen. com. rep, 2 years).

Peter Hill (Student)
Sukhbir Singh (Student)
Szejack Tan (Student)(S)
Angelo Belcastro (Dean) (S)