Terms of Reference

  1. The Campus and Community Affairs Committee is a Committee of the Board constituted to advise the Board on affairs and activities which are not within the purview of other committees of the Board, or which can be more conveniently considered by the Campus and Community Affairs Committee.

  2. The Committee may report and make recommendations to the Board concerning the following campus affairs:

    (a) the relationship of campus components and organizations to the University as a whole, provided that such relationships do not fall within the purview of the Senior Operations Committee

    (b) (i) the use of the University's name and coat-of-arms

    (ii) the naming of buildings, roads, structures, etc.

    (iii) the use of University facilities for other than regularly-scheduled academic purposes

    (c) general University/student relations in non-academic matters, including student disciplinary codes

  3. The Committee's concerns also include promotion and maintenance of good relations with the University's publics, including:

    (a) general relationships with:

    (b) affiliation and other agreements which require Board approval, or as may be referred by the President;

    (c) vehicles of community relations (e.g., publications, special events, media relations), and may make recommendations thereon to the President.

    The Committee may report to the Board on the status of relationships between the University and its public, and may make recommendations as required.

  4. The Committee may receive recommendations, proposals, or submissions from individuals or components of the University, from campus organizations, or from the general community where the Committee is of the view that such proposals or submissions may assist it in dealing with matters under the purview of the Board.

  5. The Committee may receive periodic or special reports from the President or a Vice-President on matters described in sections 2. and 3. above.

  6. On behalf of the Board, in months when a regular meeting of the Board is not scheduled, the Committee may approve the naming of campus roads, rooms, areas, or parts of buildings, but the naming of a building per se requires approval of the Board of Governors.


  7. The Committee shall consist of:

    (a) the following ex officio members:

    (b) at least six members of the Board, including at least one member of Faculty, one member of Staff, and one student.

  8. The Chair of the Committee shall be appointed annually by the Board from among the members appointed under section 7 (b) above.

  9. The Secretary of the Board shall be Secretary of the Committee.

    Procedure for Open Meetings

  10. In addition to its regular business meetings, the Committee shall hold at least 3 open meetings each year to receive recommendations, proposals, or submissions from individuals or organizations, pursuant to section 4. above. The annual schedule, location of meetings, and procedures for making submissions will be published in Western News and made available to The Gazette and other local media for publication. The meetings will be open to the public.

  11. The following procedures will apply:

    (a) Individuals or representatives of components of the University, campus organizations, or the general community may apply to make a presentation to the Committee on matters within the purview of the Board of Governors. As stated in the Report of the Joint Board/Senate Committee to Review the UWO Act, the Committee is not expected to undertake the role of a court of appeal for individuals who may find themselves unsatisfied with a decision of the University's administration, if it is a matter which the administration is expected and mandated to resolve. The Committee normally will deal with such general issues and concerns as would be appropriate for eventual consideration by the Board of Governors.

    (b) At least two weeks prior to a scheduled open meeting, a letter of application must be submitted to the Secretary of the Board of Governors, stating clearly the issue(s) to be raised, and including any written materials to be made available to Committee members prior to the meeting.

    (c) The agenda for the open meeting will be determined by the Chair of the Committee and will be made public at least one week prior to the meeting.

    (d) After receiving such submissions or proposals, the Committee will report to the Board and may make recommendations to another Committee of the Board in any matter that falls within that Committee's terms of reference or to the Board on any other matter within the jurisdiction of the Board pertaining to campus and/or community affairs or activities which are not within the purview of another committee of the Board.

Amended 1998.06.25