Effective Date: 28JUN00

1.00 The University of Western Ontario Home Page on the World Wide Web is the University's front gate on the Internet. The Home Page must be a welcoming and effective starting point for the visitor, as well as a valuable pathfinder for the regular user of our information resources. The UWO Home Page will be service oriented. It should be an attractive, welcoming and useful Internet site that provides effective and efficient links to online services and resources for key internal and external University audiences including: faculty, staff, students, prospective students, alumni and other supporters of the University, and the global community. In appearance, the Home Page should reflect the dignity and stature of a major research intensive academic institution and it should conform to all University policies for official campus media.
2.00 The categories that will appear on UWO Home Page include:
  • Admissions and Student Resources
  • Academic Programs, Faculties and Colleges
  • Research and Scholarship
  • Libraries and Information Services
  • Administration and Services
  • Alumni and Friends
  • Campus Information
  • Western in the Community

Additional level-one services include:

  • Find People
  • Search the UWO Web
  • Search the Internet
  • About the UWO Web
3.00 The structure of Western's Home Page (level 1) and the immediate links from the Home Page to the first set of links (level 2) is determined by policies initiated by the Senate Subcommittee on the World Wide Web (SUWWW). Neither the first or second level is to be for the express purpose of promoting an individual unit but rather must be used to support the navigation and service of all activities involved with that category at the university.
4.00 The Subcommittee will provide direction and governance on the first and second levels of the home page to the Western community. It will act in an advisory capacity to those units requiring its input for the maintenance and graphic design of the first and second level home pages, specifically to the Department of Communications and Public Affairs and to the Department of Information Technology Services.
5.00 The structure of the first and second level pages and the links from those pages, will be reviewed by the Subcommittee at least annually.
6.00 Any requests for change to the policy regarding the UWO Home Page are to be directed to the Senate Subcommittee on the World Wide Web, c/o the University Secretariat.