Effective Date: MAR00

1.00 The University's international student exchange program allows registered students the opportunity to study at approved foreign institutions for one or more terms (semesters) and have their courses accepted for credit toward their degrees. Similarly, students registered at approved foreign institutions may take courses at the University for which they may be given credit at their own institutions.
2.00 In recognition of its responsibilities to its students and to foreign students attending the University under an exchange program, the University will enter into an exchange program only if it considers the program to be in the best interest of the University, its faculty and its students. It will enter into exchange programs with institutions that have an established academic reputation and which offer courses to participating students that have been assessed to be equivalent to those offered at the University. The University will not enter into or continue an exchange program if there are concerns about the safety of students attending the foreign institution. Finally, the University will only approve those exchange programs which are likely to generate interest and participation from both partner institutions' students.
3.00 Students who have been accepted into an exchange program will be required to comply with the University's rules relating to exchanges as a condition of their continued participation.
4.00 The University will approve only those exchange programs which offer courses at the foreign institution that have been assessed to be equivalent in quality to those at the University. The University will not approve a program and will cancel an existing program at any time if there is concern about the safety of its students, faculty and staff. The University will not approve a program if it is not satisfied that there will be sufficient interest on the part of the University's students in participating in the exchange and may not renew an approved program if there has not been an appropriate balance between incoming and outgoing students over the term of the program.
5.00 All exchange programs at the University must be approved by the Provost or designate, after review by the Provost's Advisory Committee on Student Exchanges.
6.00 Exchange agreements between the University and the exchange institution will ordinarily follow the University's standard exchange agreement format. The agreement must be signed by the Board-designated signing officers of the University(1) upon the recommendation of the appropriate Dean(s). Individual faculty members, Chairs, or Deans are not authorized to execute exchange agreements on behalf of the University.
7.00 The terms of reference and composition of the Provost's Advisory Committee on Student Exchanges are as follows:

Terms of Reference:

To establish a framework and procedures for approval, monitoring and review of exchange programs.
To develop criteria for assessing the academic and safety standards of exchange institutions and the interest Western students may have in a program and to recommend to the Provost for approval only those programs and institutions which satisfy those criteria.
To review approved exchange programs within ten years of their commencement date in the case of programs with a term of greater than 10 years, unless such a review is deemed unnecessary by the Committee, or at any time if there are concerns about the academic standards of the program, the safety of students, or an imbalance of exchange students between the institutions, and where appropriate, recommend early termination of the program to the Provost.
To conduct a review of approved programs prior to their termination and recommend continuation to the Provost if the programs continue to satisfy the established criteria.
An Associate/Assistant Dean or designate from each of the Faculties

Ex officio: University Exchange Coordinator

The Chair shall be elected annually from among the members at the first meeting held after September 1. Meetings will be as required and at the call of the University Exchange Coordinator, and a Secretary shall be provided by the Office of the Registrar. As appropriate, some meetings may be conducted electronically.
8.00 Normally prior contacts will have been made between participating units in the two institutions. Support for the exchange program will be established in the Department(s) and Faculty(ies) involved, including the written approval of the Dean, in liaison with the Faculty representative on the Provost's Advisory Committee on Student Exchanges. Initial intent to explore or establish an exchange will be conveyed to the Exchange Coordinator, Centre for New Students.
9.00 The prescribed documentation supporting a request for a new exchange program will be completed and filed with the Exchange Coordinator who will submit it for review to the Provost's Advisory Committee on Student Exchanges.
10.00 The Provost's Advisory Committee on Student Exchanges may request additional information prior to making its decision. Contingent on a positive recommendation by the Committee, the request and documentation will be forwarded to the Provost for approval.
11.00 Contingent on approval by the Provost, the Exchange Coordinator shall ensure that an exchange agreement is executed prior to the commencement of the exchange program. The agreement must be in English (two copies) and must be executed by the signing officers of the University as designated by the Board of Governors as well as by the appropriate Dean(s). If the exchange institution requests changes to the University's standard exchange agreement or has requested that another agreement be used, the Exchange Coordinator will forward the request to the Secretary of the University for review and approval. Neither the Exchange Coordinator nor individual faculty members, Chairs or Deans may approve changes to the standard agreement on behalf of the University.
12.00 After execution of the agreement, one original signed copy will be retained by the University Secretariat and the other copy will be returned to the exchange institution by the Exchange Coordinator or the Faculty liaison.
13.00 The Exchange Coordinator will maintain a current list of approved exchange programs and will ensure that the appropriate units are advised when an exchange program is established, is changed or is terminated.
14.00 The Exchange Coordinator will publicize and implement the rules and procedures relating to the application and approval process for students.
15.00 At the request of any of its members, the Committee will review an approved exchange program at any time if concerns are raised about the academic standards of the program, the safety of students, or an imbalance of students between the institutions, and where appropriate, recommend early termination of the program to the Provost.
16.00 Prior to the termination of an approved exchange program, the Exchange Coordinator will submit the program to the Committee for review if the parties wish to continue the program. Contingent on a positive recommendation by the Committee, the request and documentation will be forwarded to the Provost for approval. Should the Committee not recommend continuation, at the request of the relevant Dean(s) the Committee's negative recommendation and all relevant documentation will be forwarded to the Provost. In all cases, the Provost's decision whether to continue a program shall be final. The Exchange Coordinator shall arrange for execution of a new agreement if the continuation of the program is approved by the Provost.
17.00 Ongoing exchange programs in existence prior to the date that the Committee establishes its criteria for approval must provide appropriate documentation to the Committee through the Exchange Coordinator within two months of the date that the criteria are sent to the Faculties. Existing programs will be subject to the same review and approval process as new programs. If the Committee does not recommend approval of an ongoing program, the Provost will have discretion whether to approve the program on an interim basis until the expiration of its current term or terminate the program prior to the expiration of its current term.
18.00 Only students who are registered in full-time degree programs at the University are eligible to participate in an exchange program at a foreign institution. Students who are taking courses at the University on a Letter of Permission are not eligible to participate in the University's exchange programs.
19.00 The Department or Faculty contact responsible for advising students of their selection for an exchange is also responsible for:

(a) advising the students of their responsibilities as set out in sections 21.00 through 25.00 below; and

(b) forwarding to the Exchange Coordinator the selected students' names, student numbers, and contact information.

20.00 All students accepted for an exchange program must meet with the University's Exchange Coordinator at least 12 weeks prior to their departure for the exchange and must comply with all rules relating to the exchange as a condition of their participation. Failure to meet with the Exchange Coordinator may result in cancellation of their exchange.
21.00 At least 8 weeks prior to departure, exchange students must:

(a) attend a pre-departure information session provided by the Exchange Office; and

(b) complete an Assumption of Risk Form and a health insurance form (available from the Exchange Office, Centre of New Students, Room 65 Stevenson-Lawson Building).

22.00 Prior to departure, exchange students must obtain approval of their proposed courses by their departmental counsellor and the Dean of their Faculty.
23.00 Upon arrival at the host institution, exchange students must notify the University's Exchange Coordinator of their new local address, including telephone and e-mail.
24.00 Exchange students must arrange to have an official transcript of their record at the host institution sent to the office at Western to which they applied for their exchange. The transcript should show all courses taken during their exchange and the marks/grades obtained.
25.00 When the Exchange students return to Western, they will be invited to submit a report outlining their experiences at the host institution to the Exchange Officer. The report will be kept on file for future students who embark on exchange programs to a host institution.

1. The Secretary of the Board of Governors and one of: the President, the Vice-President (Administration), the Provost & Vice-President (Academic) or the Vice-President (Research).