Board of Governors - APPENDIX IV - November 25, 1999



Selection Committee for Vice-President (Research)

Section H of Appointments Procedures provides that a committee to select a Vice-President (Research) shall consist of:

(a) the President & Vice-Chancellor, who shall be Chair
(b) a Vice-President, Dean, or member of Faculty appointed by the President & Vice-Chancellor
(c) 5 persons elected by the Senate, one of whom shall be a student and only one of whom may be a Dean
(d) 1 person elected by the Board of Governors

Required: 1 person

Nominee: Bob Colcleugh

2. Delegation of Authority - Sanctions for Non-Academic Offenses

At the Board meeting on October 28, 1999, there was discussion in open and closed session about the matter concerning four Engineering students who this fall were first deregistered for damaging university property and then reinstated. The issue of the role of the senior administration in determining sanctions for non-academic offenses was referred to the Senior Operations Committee with the intent that a resolution be formulated and returned to the Board for approval.

Recommended: That the Board of Governors approve the following statements:

The Board of Governors acknowledges its general responsibilities under sections 18 and 19(k) of the UWO Act to provide for "orderly conduct of persons" on campus
The Board confirms its delegation of authority in this area to the Senior Administration, including discretion to lay criminal charges, impose academic sanctions, and/or proceed under the Student Disciplinary Code
The Board of Governors confirms the following statement in the University Calendar as an accurate description of some (though not all) means by which that delegated authority might be exercised.
Registration in the University and the right of full access to the library, residences, specialized equipment or other University facilities implies a commitment on the part of a student to use such facilities in accordance with established rules. A student not fulfilling these obligations becomes liable to the imposition of academic sanctions.

The Board of Governors confirms that the action of the Senior Administration on September, 1999, in rescinding the registration of four students who had admitted to vandalism on campus, was an instance of legitimate exercise of that delegated authority.