Board of Governors - APPENDIX IV - September 23, 1999


Selection Committee for Vice-President (Administration)

Section G of Appointments Procedures provides that a  committee to select a Vice-President (Administration) shall consist of:

(a) The President & Vice-Chancellor, who shall be Chair
(b) a Vice-President, Dean, or member of Faculty appointed by the President & Vice-Chancellor
(c) 4 persons elected by the Board of Governors, one of whom shall be a member of the administrative staff
(d) 4 persons elected by the Senate, one of whom shall be a student

Required: 4 persons, one of whom shall be a member of the administrative staff


Susan Grindrod (Staff)
Don McDougall
Bill Peel
Lin Whittaker

2. Development & Fund Raising Committee

Recommended: That Rosamond Ivey Thom be appointed Chair of the Development & Fund Raising Committee of the Board of Governors.

Recommended: That Stephen Thomas, HBA '68, be appointed to the Development & Fund Raising Committee.

3. Appointments to Student Court

The Student Disciplinary Code provides for the appointment of up to 15 Magistrates (one of whom shall be a student registered in the MBA program) and Prosecutors (who must be Law students). Nominations from these positions come from the Legal Affairs Officer of the University Students' Counsel.

The Senior Operations Committee, on behalf of the Board, has appointed the following Magistrates:


Amy Finch

Cam Dzikowski

Robert Fonn

Jason Wadden

Derek Pattison

Alasdair Fedesico

Tammy Smith

Nicole Hall

Valerie Brown

Nick Van Velzen

Anne Graham

Sam Ierullo

Anthony Shapiro (MBA)

Zoe Kevork

Nelson Das Neves

Joseph Bellissimo

T.J. Laskowsky

Courtney Priwes-Kohn

Austin Persico

Karie Ann Benham

Beth Anderson