Board of Governors, June 24, 1999 - APPENDIX IV



1. Foundation Western Board of Directors

On behalf of the Board of Governors, the Senior Operations Committee has nominated David J. Thompson for reappointment to the Board of Directors of Foundation Western for a three-year term commencing September 1999. Mr. Thompson was initially appointed in February 1999 to complete the term of Libby Fowler, to September 1999.

The other University representatives on the Foundation Western Board are: Anne Toal, Larry Oehm, and Jim Good.

2. Ivey Advisory Board

On behalf of the Board of Governors, the Senior Operations Committee approved the appointment of the following new members to the Ivey Advisory Board:

Bill Anderson, Lorne Braithwaite, Ronald Charles, Kevin Francis, Bobbie Gaunt, Serge Gouin, Paul J. Hill, Jane M. Howell, James L. Hunter, Eva Lee Kwok, Louis Lagassé, Jon E. Love, Christine Magee, Pierre L. Morrissette, Madeleine Paquin, Robert J. Ritchie, Joseph C. Shlesinger, Paul Walters, Prem V. Watsa.

The Committee acknowledged the resignations of the following from the Ivey Advisory Board: Robert D. Brown, Brian P. Drummond, Bruce Galloway, Charles (Bud) B. Johnston, Brian F. MacNeill, Larry M. Pollock, Helen K. Sinclair, Nancy G. Thomson.

A complete listing of the members of the Ivey Advisory Board is attached.

3. Joint Committee (Health Services Restructuring)

The Senior Operations Committee has appointed Dr. Carol Herbert, incoming Dean of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry to serve as a representative of the University on the Joint Committee, starting September 1, 1999. She will replace Dr. R.Y. McMurtry whose term ends on June 30, 1999. The other University representatives on the Joint Committee are Dean Angelo Belcastro and Mr. Bill Peel.


June 1999

Bill Anderson

Lorne Braithwaite

Dan Branda

Thomas H. Brent

Robert V. Brouillard

Claude Bruneau

Ronald Charles

Henry K.S. Cheng

C. David Clark

Brendan R. Clouston

George A. Cope

Clare R. Copeland

Paul Davenport

Paul G. Desmarais

Robert A. Ferchat

Al Flood

Kevin Francis

Geno F. Francolini

Barbara H. Fraser

Ronald G. Gage

Jeffrey Gandz

Bobbie Gaunt

Peter C. Godsoe

Serge Gouin

Kenneth G. Hardy

Kenneth W. Harrigan

Paul J. Hill

Jane M. Howell

James L. Hunter

Richard W. Ivey

Donald K. Jackson

Donald K. Johnson

Michael M. Kanovsky

Maureen Kempston Darkes

Arkadi Kuhlmann

Eva Lee Kwok

Louis Lagassé

Gilles Lamoureux

Donald G. Lang

Jon E. Love

Robert W. Luba

Christine Magee

Chris R. Matthews

H. Harrison McCain

Pierre L. Morrissette

Michael J. Needham

Robert Nourse

Kevin O'Leary

Earl H. Orser

Madeleine Paquin

Dipak K. Rastogi

Bruce H. Reid

Grant L. Reuber

Robert J. Ritchie

Harry Rosen

Adrian B. Ryans

C. Richard Sharpe

Joseph C. Shlesinger

William Shurniak

Michael D. Sopko

Lawrence G. Tapp

George M. Tidball

Donald L. Triggs

Anthony von Mandl

Paul Walters

V. Prem Watsa

Peter N.T. Widdrington

John F. Wood

Larry Wynant

Honorary Members:

John A. Armstrong

Ralph M. Barford

Richard M. Ivey

Allan R. Taylor

David B. Weldon

William P. Wilder