By Authority of the President & Vice-Chancellor

Secretary, The Board of Governors



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1.00 This policy provides for the establishment of designated Faculty Fellowships as one of the ways of recognizing academic fields that fit into the University's scholarly plans and objectives. The University may at the same time honor a benefactor, a scholar or a family. Faculty Fellowships are established as a means of recognizing academic distinction by funding a variety of objectives, including, but not limited to: (a) offsetting or supplementing existing salary; and (b) providing non-salary support for graduate students, research, or travel. The decision to supplement an existing salary shall, in all cases, be at the discretion of the relevant Dean.

2.00 Establishment of designated Faculty Fellowships should follow this policy and the guidelines. Initiatives may arise from a variety of sources such as individuals, ethnic or cultural organizations, trade unions, government agencies, or corporations. From whatever sources, the initiative should advance the University's academic goals and objectives. This constitutes the principal criterion governing the establishment of designated Faculty Fellowships. In no event should the University's academic autonomy or its standards of scholarship be subverted by the designation or use of these Fellowships.

3.00 A designated Faculty Fellowship will be attached to a Faculty, School, Department or Centre of the University. The holder will be expected to develop the field of interest through both teaching and research and have a proven record in his/her field of specialization. Selection of the holder of the Fellowship will be at the discretion of the Dean of the relevant Faculty, Director of the Centre, or by a selection committee as may be stipulated within the terms of the Fellowship.

4.00 The University may wish to honor a benefactor, scholar or individual through a formal designation of a Faculty Fellowship. The criteria for naming shall be that the individual(s) has made an important contribution to the University, society, or to a field of study, or wishes to provide the University with a significant benefaction or endowment.

5.00 The University will not normally name a Faculty Fellowship unless the funding for the Fellowship will be derived from external sources

6.00 The Dean, in collaboration with the holder of the Fellowship, must provide an annual report on activities and monies spent. Such reports must be filed with the Provost & Vice-President (Academic) and the Vice-President (External), either at the end of each appointment year or in compliance with the terms of the agreement between the donor(s) and the University. The Vice-President (External) will ensure that the donor(s) is provided with copies if required either under the terms of the donor agreement or at the donor's request.


7.00 The revenue for a designated Faculty Fellowship may be in the form of an endowment or the Fellowship may be funded on a term basis.

8.00 The holder of a Faculty Fellowship will normally be a full-time member of the faculty. An individual may be appointed as a Visiting Professor.

9.00 The maximum term of appointment to a Faculty Fellowship is five years, and in each case the specific term and any restrictions on reappointment shall be as set out in the terms of the donor agreement.

Endowed Fellowships

10.00 The amount available for spending each year will be a percentage of the average value of the endowment over the most recent three year period, in accordance with the University's Investment Payout Policy (Policy 2.11, as may be amended from time to time). The University seeks to maintain the real value of the endowment in the long run by capitalizing a portion of the investment revenue.

Term Fellowships (Non-endowed)

11.00 Faculty Fellowships may be funded on a term basis of at least one (1) year.

12.00 If the donation is received on a term basis, the capital and investment revenue will be expended over the stipulated period of time, at the end of which the designated Faculty Fellowship will terminate. Non-endowed funds receive a rate of return as outlined in the Investment Payout Policy (Policy 2.11, as may be amended from time to time).


13.00 Before any donation is accepted, or commitment made to a potential donor for a Faculty Fellowship for a faculty member, the proposal must be evaluated. Because of the long-term commitment that may be represented by these gifts, careful assessment of these donations is particularly important and will satisfy the following requirements:

13.1. The Vice-President (External) or designate, and the head(s) of the academic unit(s) (and, where applicable, the Centre) involved will meet with the donor(s) to determine his/her wishes and discuss the terms of the donation.

13.2. The President, the Provost & Vice-President (Academic), and the Vice-President Administration), or their designates, will review the objectives and funding requirements of each gift prior to presentation to the Senate and Board of Governors for approval.

13.3. The terms of the gift should recognize the need for flexibility in the use of funds if at some future date the basic conditions that led to the donation have been altered.




Faculty Fellowships are established as a means of recognizing academic distinction by funding a variety of objectives including, but not exclusively, salary support, research, travel, and administrative support.

The required level of support to establish a designated Faculty Fellowship at The University of Western Ontario will vary with the circumstances and the objectives to be achieved. However, as a guideline, the range of support that will be required, expressed in 1999 dollars, is as follows:

Annual Required Revenue

Fellowship minimum: $10,000

Fellowship maximum: $50,000

Funding for Faculty Fellowships will normally be derived from external sources, on either an endowed or term basis.

With respect to endowments, the required level of support will reflect the policy that only a portion of the investment returns will be paid out each year to support the Faculty Fellowship, with the remainder of the investment revenue capitalized to protect the real value of the endowment. As examples, a gift of $200,000, based on a five per cent allocation for spending, will provide the annual minimum required level to support a Faculty Fellowship ($10,000 per year), or a gift of $1,000,000 will provide $50,000 per year to support a Faculty Fellowship.

By limiting the allocations for spending from an endowment to five per cent and re-investing remaining returns, the University ensures that the annual dollar amounts allocated for spending will be five per cent of an ever-increasing base. This ensures that the dollar value of the amounts allocated will increase over time and thus maintain the purchasing power of the annual allocations forever.