TO: Board of Governors

FROM: Dr. Paul Davenport

DATE: June 25, 1998

SUBJECT: Honors and Awards: 1997-98

As a part of my President's Report to Senate earlier this month, I provided a list of some of the particular achievements of Western's faculty, staff, and students during the past academic year. In my Report to the Board of Governors for June, I am providing an expanded list of honors, awards, and recognition accorded this year to members of the University community as a supplement to my Annual Report.

This is, of course, only a partial and selective listing and is more strongly representative in some areas than others. It does, however, reflect the breadth and quality of scholarship, professional involvement, and contribution to the enterprise of education which are so much a part of Western's institutional life. The outstanding individuals listed here, and many more whose distinctions do not appear on this list, sustain an international reputation for Western as a place where excellence is fostered and nourished.

I know Board members share my pride in these achievements and join me in congratulating the faculty, staff, and students who have brought such awards and honors home to Western.

Honors and Awards: 1997-98


CAUBO (Canadian Association of University Business Officers): Quality and Productivity Awards Program

Design and construction of Barrier-Free Student Residence, Susan Grindrod, Dave Riddell, Bill Wilkinson (Essex Hall)

Internet Employment Café , Sharon Lee, Coordinator of Employment Services, Student Development Centre

Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education: Prix d' Excellence -- Gold Medals:

Best Annual Report to Donors, Alan Bass, Joanne Cole, Lisa Czach, and Jennifer Parraga

Best creative use of emerging technologies: External Relations Website, Gord Nickerson

Best print ad or ad campaign: "Major in Yourself", David Estok and Judy Noordermeer

Best student recruitment viewbook, David Estok, Carole Stinson, and John Sloan

Best alumni/senior alumni program, Helen Luckman and Sandra Doyle

Silver medals:

- Best alumni event: Choices, Marlene Gillespie-Scheel and Morden Communications

- Best audio, video, or multi-media presentation: UWO Recruitment Video, David Estok and Carole Stinson

- Best newsletter: Synapses, Martha Powell, Kim Hayes, Shawn McGill, and Morden Communications

Bronze medal:

- Best development program/corporate and foundation recognition, Jennifer Parraga, Susan Horvath, and Carole Stinson

Beryl Theobald (Academic Services Officer, Law) was the first non-academic to be appointed Chair of the Canadian Law School Admission Association

Brenda MacEachern (Slide Curator, Visual Arts) received the Distinguished Service Award of the Visual Resources Association of America


At Spring Convocation, we honored Pleva Award Winners for teaching:

- Don Morrow (Kinesiology),

- Mark Cheetham (Visual Arts),

- Jane Howell (Ivey School of Business)

- Rebecca Coulter (Education), Also OCUFA Excellence in Teaching

And the Marilyn Robinson Award for Teaching by Part-time Faculty:

- Jane Leney (French)

University Students' Council Teaching Awards of Excellence (sponsored by Scotiabank and Alumni Western):

- Don Morrow (Kinesiology)

- Bob Hawkins (Law)

- Mark Workentin (Chemistry)

- Dean Gaily (Physics)

Two distinguished senior faculty were honored with the Hellmuth Prize:

- Bill Fyfe (Earth Sciences)

- Tom Lennon (Philosophy)

Of last year's Hellmuth Prize winners:

- Alan Davenport (Engineering Science) awarded an Honorary Degree from his alma mater, the University of Bristol, his 9th Honorary Degree

- Ian Steele (History) was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada

Dean of Law Eileen Gillese has been appointed Chair of the Financial Services Commission of Ontario and the Financial Services Tribunal. The Commission is an amalgamation of the Ontario Insurance Commission, the Pension Commission of Ontario and the Deposit Institutions Division of the Ministry of Finance.

Professor Emeritus Vivian Wood (Nursing-Health Sciences) was awarded an honorary Doctor of Science Degree from McMaster University.

Professor Richard Secco (Earth Sciences) has won a Humboldt Fellowship for research in Germany

Professor Jeff Smith (Economics) carries on Western's tradition by winning a John Charles Polanyi Prize

The McPherson Prize of the Canadian Political Science Association for the best book published in the field of political Theory went to Richard Vernon (Political Science)

Professor Michael Gardiner (Sociology) has won the Battisti Award of the journal Utopian Studies for his article "A Postmodern Utopia" Heller and Feher's Critique of Messianic Marxism.

Johnathan Vance's (History) Death So Noble has won both the Dafoe Book Prize for 1997 and the Sir John A. Macdonald Prize of the Canadian Historical Association, after having been the only Canadian book short-listed for the Lioner Gelber Prize

Andy Sancton's (Political Science) article on "Reducing Costs by Consolidating Municipalities" won the J.E. Hodgetts Award for the best English article in Canadian Public Administration

Michael Keating (Political Science) won the Prix Richard-Ares from L'Action Nationale for his "Les defis du nationalisme moderne, Quebec, Catalogne et Ecosse"

Lorne Falkenstein (Philosophy) won the Klibansky Prize for his book, Kant's Intuitionism

Michael Groden and Martin Kreiswirth (English) received the American Association of Publishers 1997 Prize for the Best Internet Product for the online version of their co-edited Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism

Jody Culham, a post-doc, and Jonathan Marrotta, a graduate student in Professor Mel Goodale's Psychology lab, have won two of only 25 McDonnell-Pew Grants in Cognitive Neuroscience, worth $50k/year for three years

Greg Dickinson (Education) won the R.W.B. Jackson Award for the best English language article in the Canadian Journal of Education

Thierry Belleguic (French) won the Governor General's Gold Medal Award for his Queen's University PhD dissertation

Professor Peter Paul Koprowski, winner of the 1997 Chalmers National Music Award, was featured composer/conductor at a concert sponsored by the governments of Canada and Venezuela of the Orquesta Sinfonica of Venezuela, celebrating 50 years of diplomatic relations

Violin Professor Lorand Fenyves received the Order of Merit from the Government of Hungary on the occasion of his 80th birthday

Victoria Meredith conducted the Faculty of Music's women's choir (Les Choristes) to a second place in the CBC Choral Competition and to the Wallace Laughton Award from the Canadian Music Educators Association.

Rob Martin (Law) was elected as a Bencher of the Law Society of Upper Canada and is Secretary-Treasurer of the Law Association for Education in Journalism and Communication.

Dr. George Chaconas (Biochemistry) was one of two recipients of the 1997 MRC Distinguished Scientist Award.

Dr. Steve Smith was one of eleven international postdoctoral fellows chosen for the Wellcome Trust/MRC Fellowship Award Program.

Barry Onslow (Education) is President of the Ontario Association for Mathematics Education

Dr. Robert Petrella (Centre for Activity & Ageing) was named a Fellow of the College of Sports Medicine.

Dr. Angela Schneider (Kinesiology-Health Sciences) was elected President of the International Philosophical Society for the Study of Sport.

Suzanne Majhanovich (Education) is past President of the Ontario Modern Language Teachers' Association

Constance Backhouse (Law) holds a three-year grant from SSHRC for research on "The Legal Construction of Womanhood in Canada, 1900-1950" and will lecture this summer at the International Legal History Conference in Australia concerning her work on the legal history of race in Canada

Natalie DesRosiers (Law) was appointed a commissioner of the newly-created Law Commission of Canada

Gwen Boniface (adjunct-Law) was also appointed to the Law Commission of Canada and is also the first woman to be appointed as Commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police

Dr. Fred Keenan, Director of International Research, has received the 1998 Robert F. DeGrace Prize of the Canadian Wood Council for his work in integrating research and education about wood as a material for construction.

Paul Beamish (Ivey School) received the Journal of International Business Studies' Decade Award as the most influential paper published over the past ten years for his co-authored "Equity Joint Ventures and the Theory of the Multinational Enterprise".

Professor Andrew Karolyi (Ivey School) was recongized by ANBAR Electronic Intelligence, an electronic marketing journal, and by the Harvard Business Review for his papers on U.S.-Japan stock market correlation and market segmentation and liquidity

Drs. Ian McWhinney (Family Medicine) and Robert G.E. Murray (Microbiology & Immunology) of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry were named to the Order of Canada

Dr. Francis Chan (Anatomy) received the Class of 1962 Award and Dr. Lois Champion (Anaesthesia) won the Douglas Bocking Award in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. An Outstanding Achievement Award was presented posthumously to Dr. Ted Ecclestone (Paediatrics)

Dr. J. Denstedt (Surgery) received the GOLD Sytoscope Award of the American Urological Association

Dr. Neil Duggal (Neurosurgery) won the CSCI Award for Specialty Residents for 1997

Dr. Donald Gratton received the Dental Students' Society Faculty Award

Dr. Peter Haase (Anatomy) received the 1998 Hippocratic Council Award in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Dr. Keith C. Hayes (Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation) received the Achilles Research Award for Outstanding Clinical or Laboratory Research for 1997

Dr. Len Johnson received the Award of Merit from the Canadian Dental Association

Dr. Y. Kawagoe (Paediatrics) was recognized by the President's Presenters Award of the Society for Gynaecologic Investigations

Dr. Simon Kirby (Otolaryngology) received the Resident Research Award, Easter Section of the Triological Society

Dr. Shirley Lo (Otolaryngology) won the Xomed-Poliquin Resident Competition, Canadian Society of Otolaryngology

Dr. Andrew Lazarovits (Microbiology & Immunology) was awarded the Medal for Research Excellence by the Kidney Foundation of Canada

Dr. Bryan Richardson (Paediatrics) received the CREOG Teaching Award

Dr. M.J. Reider (Paediatrics) won the Young Investigators Award, American Society of Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology and was recognized within the Faculty with the Douglas Bocking Award

Dr. Kevin White (Epidemiology & Biostatistics) received the James Bertram Collip Medal

Dr. Ralph Ruby (Otolaryngology) was recognized by the Sisters of St. Joseph's Award for Excellence

Drs. Gerald Wright, Sergio Weinberger, and Tim Foley received the American Society of Dentistry Award in Journalism

Dr. Bob Vigars (Kinesiology) was named the OUA Men's Team Coach of the Year for Track & Field and was also recognized by the LHSC and St. Joseph's Health Centre for having chaired the Labatt 24-hour relay in April.

Sheri Kitching (Head Coach, Women's Soccer) was named OUA Coach of the Year for Ontario West and CIAU Coach of the Year.

Dr. Craig Boydell (Head Coach, Men's Basketball) was named OUA West Coach of the Year.

Dr. Alexandra Kirkley (Kennedy-Fowler Clinic) received the Richard O'Connor Award for excellence in clinical research from the Anthroscopy Association of North America, the Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society Travelling Fellowship for 1998-99, and the R. Tait Mackenzie Medallion for the best research paper at the annual meeting of the Canadian Academy of Sport Medicine.

Dr. Bert Carron (Kinesiology-Health Sciences) received the Sport Science Award of the International Olympic Committee President from Juan Antonio Samaranch for outstanding research contributions to the sport sciences.

Dr. Donna Peterson (Kinesiology-Health Sciences) was honored at the UWO Panhellenic Council's annual Faculty Appreciation Tea.

Dr. Volker Nolte (Kinesiology-Health Sciences) received the Award of Merit from Rowing Canada Aviron.

Dr. Peter Fowler (Fowler-Kennedy Clinic) received the 1998 Canadian Orthopaedic Association Award of Excellence, the 1998 H.S. Cameron Award for Teaching Excellence, and the 1997 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Bay Area Knee Society in San Francisco, California.


Richard Pan, 1998 graduate in Honors Economics, became Western's first Rhodes Scholar in a decade

Wade Sarasin (third year Law) won the 1998 Tom Wilcox Memorial Student Essay Award from the Canadian Bar Insurance Association

Gregory Flynn won the Margaret McNulty Award and the Pensa & Associates Prize for attaining the highest grades in the Bar Admission Course

Ivey Business School students Brent Patterson and Dave Orr finished second overall at the World University Debating Championships in Athens, Greece

Two PhD students and two faculty members from the Ivey School won three "Best Paper" awards at the Administrative Science Association of Canada Conference: Ariff Kachra (International Business Division); John Schmitz (Finance Division); Professors Sid Huff and Paul Kedrosky (Management Information Systems Division)

The MBA team of Steve Bertrand, Lise Robert, Emma Loewen and Rob McKee placed second in the IESE MBA International Case Competition in Barcelona

HBA students Eyun Chew, Normal Leung, and Gary Chan won top honors in the Canadian Transportation Research Forum 1997 Student Paper Competition for their joint paper on US automakers and the Japanese market

Muriel Brackstone won the Canadian Association of General Surgeons Award for a 3rd year medical student

Members of the men's basketball team:

- Micah Bordeau: All-Canadian, First Team OUA West All Star

- Nat Graham: First Team OUA West All Star, Bob Gage Award

- Richard Tamminga: Academic All-Canadian

Jon Dingle: G. Howard Ferguson Award, Academic All-Canadian, Ken Shields TSN National Award for Academics, Community Service, and Athletics