Report of the Senior Operations Committee

Board of Governors - APPENDIX V - September 24, 1998


1. Selection Committee - Director of Industry Liaison

The composition of a Selection Committee for a Director of Industry Liaison includes "one person from the external community with industrial experience, elected by the Board of Governors".

Nominee: Mark Pickard


1. Board Membership

Dr. Robert Colcleugh has been reappointed to the Board of Governors by the Alumni Association for a second four-year term ending September 18, 2002.

2. Appointments to Student Court

The Student Disciplinary Code provides for the appointment of up to 15 Magistrates (one of whom shall be a student registered in the MBA program) and Prosecutors (who must be Law students). Nominations from these positions come from the Legal Affairs Commissioner of the University Students' Counsel.

The Senior Operations Committee, on behalf of the Board, has appointed the following Magistrates and Prosecutors. The name of a student registered in the MBA program will be reported when it is known.

Rumana Alam (Law III)
Andrew Tam (Law III)
Samir Khan (Law III)
Christine Kish (Law III)
Susan Whelan (Law III)
Laura Slater (Law III)
Charlie Chang (Law II)
Erin Melrose (Law II)
David Palumbo (Poli. Sci. III)
Shelly Mohammed (Phil. IV)
Nick van Velzen (Law II)
Derek Pattison (Law II
Sam Ierullo (Law II)
George Bragg (Comp. Sci. III)

Liz Usprich (Law II)
James Satin (Law III)
Michael Bayer (Law III)
Peter Spiliotopoulos (Law III)
Laura Hillyer (Law III)
Alex Mladenovic (Law III)
Dean Sgouromitis (Law III)