Report of the Senior Operations Committee

Board of Governors - APPENDIX IV - June 25, 1998


1. President's Priorities for 1998-99

Recommended: That the Board of Governors approve the President's priorities for 1998-99 as detailed in Annex 1. [Paper copies of Annex 1 are available from the University Secretariat.]

Each June, the Senior Operations Committee and the President meet to discuss and reach agreement about the priorities for the year to come. The attached letter from Dr. Davenport to the Committee contains the priorities that the Committee has approved and recommends to the Board.

In September, the President will address the Senate and Board of Governors to outline the goals and anticipated activities for the year ahead in a way that reflects the priorities approved by the Board in June.

2. Policy 6.1 - Professional and Managerial Employment Status

Recommended: That the Board of Governors approve the amendments to Policy 6.1 -- Professional and Managerial Employment Status -- as shown in Annex 2. The new policy is to come into effect on July 1, 1998.


The current policy is shown in Annex 3.

During the recent salary discussions with the Professional and Managerial Association, the parties agreed to amend Policy 6.1 - Professional and Managerial Employment Status to incorporate the recognition of assigned and worked overtime, either in compensation or time off. The amendments agreed to, for the most part, are consistent with the University's obligations under the Employment Standards Act (i.e. payment of assigned overtime beyond 44 hours per week).

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3. ad hoc Committee on Labor Relations

Recommended: That the Board establish an ad hoc Committee on Labor Relations, under the aegis of the Senior Operations Committee, which will receive regular updates on the status of negotiations with the University's various employee groups.


- All members of the Board except those whose salary is paid under a collective agreement or Memorandum of Agreement between the University and a union or employee association.

- Vice-Presidents

Resource persons will be invited, as appropriate.

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board shall be Chair and Vice-Chair of the Committee respectively.

It is expected that meetings of this Committee will be held immediately following Board meetings (with appropriate notice).

4. Committee Membership

Recommended: That Stephen Adams be appointed to the By-Laws Committee (term to February 1, 1999).


1. President's Study Leave - Summer 1999

In November 1997, the Board of Governors reappointed Dr. Paul Davenport as President & Vice-Chancellor of The University of Western Ontario for a second five-year term, ending June 30, 2004. One of the terms of the reappointment contract was that he be allowed a three-month study leave, May 1 - July 31, 1999.

Dr. Davenport has announced that he will be spending his study leave at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in Paris where Mr. Thomas Alexander, the Director of Directorate of Education, Employment, Labour and Social Affairs (DEELSA), will be his host. Dr. Davenport's research will focus on the role of universities in the Knowledge Based Economy.

2. Discretionary Increases in Tuition and Enhancement of Program Quality

Attached as Annex 4, is the response of the Chair of the Board to the provincial government's requirement that any discretionary increase in tuition fees by the University be used "to enhance the quality of education for students and provide for expansion in areas of high student demand." [Copies of Annex 4 are available in paper form from the University Secretariat.]

3. Board Membership

Mr. W.W. Peel has been reappointed to the Board of Governors by the Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council for a second four-year term ending May 10, 2002.

4. Appointments to Student Court

On behalf of the Board of Governors, the Senior Operations Committee has made the following appointments to Student Court, a body mandated under the Student Disciplinary Code:

Justice Commissioner: Brennan Carroll (term to April 30, 1999)

Chief Magistrate: Talaal Bond (term to April 30, 1999)

These recommendations come from the Legal Affairs Officer of the University Students' Council. Magistrates and Prosecutors will be nominated and appointed in the Fall.