Report of the Senior Operations Committee

Board of Governors - APPENDIX III - November 27, 1997


1. Board Committee Membership

Recommended: That the Board appoint Sam Castiglione to the Property & Finance Committee and the Campus & Community Affairs Committee (to the end of January 1998).


1. Board Member - Representative of the Undergraduate Students

Christopher Keith, undergraduate student representative on the Board of Governors elected in the Fall 1996 elections with a term to November 14, 1998, has resigned his position with the Board of Governors, effective December 31, 1997.

When a vacancy occurs prior to the expiration of the membership term of a member elected by the students, according to the Board's rules for filling of vacancies (Special Resolution No. 9): "If the time remaining in the term of office is more than six months but less than two years, the vacancy shall be filled from among the eligible candidates of the constituency concerned who were unsuccessful in the last election, in a priority determined by their plurality in that election, and provided that to be thus eligible a candidate must have polled at least 20% of the votes cast in that election, or failing such, by a by-election."

The first runner up in the undergraduate student constituency in the last election was Michael Rubinoff (Honors Political Science III, Faculty of Social Science), polling 31% of the votes cast in the fall election. Mr. Rubinoff is eligible and willing to complete the term of Mr. Keith (to November 14, 1998).

2. Ivey Advisory Board

On behalf of the Board, the Senior Operations Committee has acknowledge the resignation of the following from the Ivey Advisory Board (formerly called the Business School Advisory Committee):

Richard J. Currie
Brian P. Drummond
Peter C. Maurice
J. Dean Muncaster
Donald C. Scott
Stephen G. Snyder
Allan R. Taylor

and has approved the appointment of the following to the Ivey Advisory Board, on the recommendation of the Ivey School of Business:

George A. Cope, President and CEO, Clearnet Communications Incorporated
Clare R. Copeland, President and CEO, Peoples Jewellers Corporation
Ronald G. Gage, Chairman and CEO, Ernst & Young (Toronto)
Donald K. Jackson, Chairman, Parkview Capital Corporation
Donald K. Johnson, Vice-Chairman, Nesbitt Burns (Toronto)
Arkadi Kuhlmann, President and CEO, ING Trust Company of Canada
Gilles Lamoureux, Founding Partner and Managing Director, Orenda Corporate Finance Ltd.
Chris R. Matthews, Chairman and CEO, Hay Group (Washington, DC)
Dipak K. Rastogi, Executive Vice-President, Citibank NA (New York)
William Shurniak, Group Finance Director, Hutchison Whampoa (Hong Kong)
Donald L. Triggs, President and CEO, Vincor International Inc
Honorary Member: Allan R. Taylor (past Chair, Ivey Advisory Board)

3. Engineering Science Advisory Council

On behalf of the Board, the Senior Operations Committee has approved the following renewed terms and new appointments to the Engineering Science Advisory Council, as recommended by the Faculty of Engineering Science:

[(I) indicates "Industry"; (F) indicates "Faculty"]:

Heinz Greve, Vice President, Technology, Bayer Rubber Inc. (Sarnia)(I), Exp. June 30 01
Fred Hassan, Director Delivery Services Transition, Union Gas (Chatham)(I), Exp. June 30 01
Dave Southwell, Group Vice President, Bell Canada (Toronto)(I), Exp. June 30 01
Mark E. George, President, Bay Networks Canada, Inc. (North York)(I), Exp. June 30 01
John Winston, Director of Business Development and Corporate Affairs, Diamond Aircraft(I), Exp. June 30 01
Judit Puskas, Director, Macromolecular Engineering Research Centre and Assoc. Professor, Dept. of Chemical/Biochemical Engineering (F), Exp. June 30 00
Sara Shortreed(I), Exp. June 30 01 (renewal)
Marvi Ricker(I), Exp. June 30 01 (renewal)
Bill Peel(I), Exp. June 30 01 (renewal)
Henry Yip(I), Exp. June 30 01 (renewal)

4. Annual Report from the University's Representatives to the Western Fair Association

The University's representatives to the Western Fair Association, appointed by the Board, are Gary Weese, Fire Chief of London, and Alan Johnston, Editor of Western News. They have filed the following reports to the Board.

From Gary Weese:

During the past year it once again has been an honor and privilege for me to represent The University of Western Ontario as one of your two representatives on the Western Fair Association. In August 1996, I was elected to serve a two-year term as a Director of the Western Fair and in that capacity I have attended the Board meetings and served on the following committees: Agricultural and Horticultural Products; Fair Planning; Raceway Operations; Racing and Gaming; Fair Promotions, Advertising and Sponsorship and the Attractions and Entertainment Committee.

The past two years have been difficult for the Western Fair Association: as you might recall, extensive rainy weather during the 1996 fall exhibition resulted in a very weak attendance with a resulting impact on Fair Association profits. The 1997 Fair saw attendance up more than 20% from 1996 figures, but still below forecast. Final financial results will be released at the end of this month. On a positive note, the operations of Western Fair Raceway exceeded projections with wagering increasing to a record $27.8 million over 91 race dates in 1996/97 with more than $2 million paid out in race purses.

Founded in 1867 and chartered in 1887 as an Agricultural Society, the Western Fair Association has not forgotten its roots. During the fall exhibition, one of the more popular educational areas is the award-winning Rural Route Discovery, located in the Agricultural Pavilion, presenting an opportunity to have a guided barn tour, a chance to speak to the farmers who work hard to produce some of the best quality agricultural products in Canada and for the children an opportunity to get up close to farm animals such as cattle, horses and swine. Western Fair Association remains committed to showcasing our agricultural heritage and planning is already underway to increase the educational benefit of the programming.

A review of the By-laws of the Association is currently underway with focus being directed to membership in the Association and the composition of the Board of Directors. The proposed changes go forward to the Board at its November meeting and, if approved, a Youth membership section would be added which could allow for UWO student representation on the Western Fair Association.

As stated at the outset, it has been my pleasure to serve as one of your representatives to the Western Fair Association and I trust this brief report has provided insight into the activities of the Association.

From Alan Johnston:

I too consider it an honor and privilege to be a representative of The University of Western Ontario on the Western Fair Association. My involvement this past year has included service on the Commercial & Educational Exhibits Committee. I also was a judge during the fall exhibition.

Like other fairs across Canada, Western Fair is experiencing some decline in the number of exhibitors and vendors, with consequent impact on revenues. Directors, association members and WFA administration are giving this problem much attention, and a number of options are under consideration in an effort to find a solution.

There continues to be a lot of support for the University among WFA members with whom I am acquainted. Such good will in future could help promote mutually-beneficial initiatives.