Board of Governors - May 27, 1999 - APPENDIX IV, Annex 2


Annual Report of the Senate Sabbatical Leave Committee for the Year 1998 - 99

The membership of the Senate Sabbatical Leave Committee for the 1998-99 academic year was: K. McQuillan (Chair), A. Esterhammer (Vice-Chair), E. Ball, B. Frohmann, A. Schneider, A. Weedon and D. Janelle (ex-officio as Acting Assistant Vice-Provost (Faculty Affairs)).

A total of fifty-two applications for sabbatical leave were submitted to the Senate Sabbatical Leave Committee (SSLC) in the fall of 1998. Forty-nine applications were approved. One application was withdrawn while under consideration.

During the review of applications, SSLC requested consultations with Deans in six cases. Four of these cases were subsequently approved.

Of the total of forty-nine approved leaves, forty-seven of the leaves were for twelve months and two were for six months.


K. McQuillan, Chair
Senate Sabbatical Leave Committee