Board of Governors - APPENDIX III - October 28, 1999



1. Electoral Board for Chancellor

The University of Western Ontario Act (1982, as amended 1988) provides for a Chancellor to serve a term of four years, commencing July 1. No Chancellor may be elected for a second term. The term of Chancellor Peter Godsoe shall conclude on June 30, 2000. It is therefore timely to appoint an Electoral Board for Chancellor consisting of the following membership, as specified in the Act:

Required: Five members of the Board in addition to the Chair of the Board, but not including any ex officio member of the Board:

At the Board meeting, members will be invited to self-nominate to fill the five seats on the Electoral Board for Chancellor. Those elected should anticipate one meeting in November, and three or four meetings January - March. Meeting dates will be set to optimize attendance.

Bill Peel (Chair of the Board)

Elected by the Senate: Paul Davenport (Vice-Chancellor)

David Bentley (faculty, Arts)
Rebecca Coulter (faculty, Education)
Joyce Garnett (staff, Director of Libraries)
Ted Garrard (Vice-President External)
Richard Telfer (graduate student).


1. Action Taken Against Four Engineering Students, Fall 1999

Dr. Mercer has provided the letter shown in Annex 1 at the request of the Senior Operations Committee, for the information of the Board.

2. Board Elections

There were two candidates for one graduate student seat on the Board of Governors. The election was conducted by Internet voting on October 12 and 13, 1999. The results were:

Mr. Weyers, a student in the Master of Education program, has been elected for a two-year term, November 15, 1999 - November 14, 2001.

There are six candidates for the undergraduate seat on the Board. Voting by undergraduate students will take place on the Internet October 26 and 27. The results will be announced at the Board meeting on October 28.

3. Foundation Western Board of Directors

The Senior Operations Committee has nominated Ms. Laurie Lashbrook for appointment to the Foundation Western Board of Directors for a three-year term ending September 2002. Ms. Lashbrook, a Western alumna, is President of the Lashbrook Group, and most recently has been a consultant to the University to assist with our ask of the City of London.

There are four representatives of the University on the Board of Directors of Foundation Western, appointed by the Board of the Foundation on the recommendation of the Senior Operations Committee (acting on behalf of the Board).

Larry Oehm - second 3-year term ends September 2000
Jim Good - first 3-year term ends September 2001
David J. Thompson - first 3-year term ends September 2002
Laurie Lashbrook - first 3-year term ends September 2002

Ms. Lashbrook succeeds Ms. Anne Toal who has served as one of the University's representatives on the Foundation Western Board since 1994.