Academic & Professional Communication Series


These workshops are designed for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars seeking to improve their academic and professional communication skills and public speaking abilities. Each of the sessions focuses on a brief communication episode that individuals frequently encounter during their academic careers.

Past Sessions

Conference Cocktail Party: The Academic Introduction
Practice networking with scholars at academic conferences by developing effective ways to introduce yourself at our “Conference Cocktail Party.”

Research Speed Dating: The One-Minute Research Speech
“Research Speed Dating” is a learning activity designed to help graduate students describe their research effectively, concisely, and learn about how their research is perceived by grant committees.

Networking at Academic Conferences
Refine your interpersonal communication skills and prepare to network with colleagues at academic conferences

The Art of Creating and Presenting Posters
How do you present your research over and over and over again and keep it interesting? Learn about strategies used by experienced poster presenters.

Communication Strategies for Teams
Collaborative research or team teaching often involves complex communication challenges. Learn about strategies for building well functioning teams through case studies during this session.

Netiquette: Communicating with Your Students
During this 90 minute workshop, participants will learn strategies they can use to help their undergraduate students communicate professionally. Our discussion will include examples of setting appropriate boundaries with students in online environments and responding to challenging student emails. Together, we will analyze several case studies in order to illustrate university policies around communicating with students.

Sessions will also be offered occasionally as part of the Future Professor Workshop series. Read about upcoming Future Professor Workshops here:

Many of these topics are also covered in an online module found at Click on the "Academic and Professional Communication for New Researchers" course for more details.