Post Docs

Most TSC programs are open to postdoctoral scholars at Western, with the exception of GS9500, our graduate course on university teaching.

  • Postdocs can participate in all faculty programs (if space is available), and all graduate student development programs.
  • In limited enrollment programs such as the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) and Advanced Teaching Practice (ATP), priority will be given to postdocs who are currently teaching a course at Western.

Programs that postdocs will find particularly useful include:

Graduate Student Programs

Faculty Programs

Programs for International Postdocs

Resources for Postdoctoral Scholars

Resources on Graduate Supervision

For additional professional development programs and resources  on Grant Writing, Getting Published, Career Development, Academic Interviews, and Networking at Academic Conferences offered by the Student Success Centre, Writing Centre and SGPS, see the GradPath website, at 

Please visit our website regularly to see what programs are offered.

Articles and Booklets

Postdoctoral Associations