The Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching

The Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching was established to recognize continuing members of full-time faculty (appointed either as Limited Term or Tenured) at Western and at its Affiliated University Colleges. Clinical Academics appointed under Conditions of Appointment: Physicians Appointed in Clinical Departments and Clinical Divisions of Basic Science Departments are also eligible for nomination.

Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching Award Recipients

Recipients Department / Faculty Year
Joel Faflak English and Writing Studies 2018
Lisa Hodgetts Anthropology 2018
Aleksandra Zecevic Health Studies 2018
Margaret Jane (MJ) Kidnie English and Writing Studies 2016-17
Jacqueline Specht Education 2016-17
Quazi Rahman Electrical and Computer Engineering 2016-17
Ann Bigelow Management and Organizational Studies 2015-16
George Gadanidis Education  2015-16
Wendy Pearson Women’s Studies and Feminist Research 2015-16
Jennifer Irwin Health Studies 2014-15
Lars Konermann Chemistry 2014-15
Kibret Mequanint Chemical and Biochemical Engineering 2014-15
Charles Trick Biology / Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry 2014-15
Battista, Jerry Medical Biophysics 2013-14
Tsujita, Cameron Earth Sciences 2013-14
Brush, Kathryn Visual Arts 2012-13
Heisz, Mary Richard Ivey School of Business 2012-13
Jin, Jisuo Earth Sciences 2012-13
McWilliam, Carol Arthur Labatt School of Nursing 2011-12
Pitel, Stephen G.A. Faculty of Law 2011-12
Workentin, Mark Chemistry 2011-12
Blackmore, Tim Faculty of Information and Media Studies 2010-11
Keep, Christopher English 2010-11
Smith, Graham Geography 2010-11
Stavraky, Tom Physiology and Pharmacology 2010-11
Bruhn de Garavito, Joyce Modern Languages and Literatures 2009-10
Krahn, Andrew D. Medicine 2009-10
Obright, Kathy Physical Therapy 2009-10
Leonard, John English 2008-09
Dean, Robert Biology 2008-09
Barclay, Donald Business 2007-08
Lipson, Robert Chemistry 2007-08
Vernon, Richard Political Science 2007-08
Lapenskie, Garry Kinesiology 2006-07
Pepper, Susan Psychology 2006-07
Straatman, Anthony Mechanical and Materials Engineering 2006-07
Westmacott, Martin Political Science 2006-07
Atkinson, Michael Psychology 2005-06
Kelly, Gregory Biology 2005-06
Whippey, Patrick W. Physics and Astronomy 2004-05
Longstaffe, Fred J. Earth Sciences 2004-05
Eramian, Gregory Modern Languages & Literatures 2003-04
Harman, Lesley Sociology, King's College 2003-04
Puddephatt, Richard Chemistry 2003-04
Johnson, Marjorie Bachelor of Health Sciences Program / Anatomy & Cell Biology 2002-03
Leschied, Alan Education 2002-03
Martin, Ronald Chemistry 2002-03
Thorp, John Philosophy 2002-03
Hair, Donald English 2001-02
Hicock, Stephen Earth Sciences 2001-02
Howard, John Medicine & Pediatrics 2001-02
Mcinnes, Mitchell Law 2001-02
De Looze, Laurence Modern Language 2000-01
Erskine, James Business 2000-01
Gedalof, Allan English 2000-01
Gerace, Rocco Medicine 2000-01
Bartlett, F. Michael Civil & Environmental Engineering 1999-00
Garcia, Bertha M. Pathology 1999-00
White, Jerry P. Sociology 1999-00
Wood, Eric Education 1999-00
Dickinson, Gregory M. Education 1998-99
Falkenstein, Lorne Philosophy 1998-99
Haines, Roland A. Chemistry 1998-99
Kneale, J. Douglas English 1998-99
Cheetham, Mark A. Visual Arts 1997-98
Coulter, Rebecca Education 1997-98
Howell, Jane M. Business 1997-98
Morrow, Don Kinesiology 1997-98
Hunter, Duncan H. Chemistry 1996-97
Mikalachki, Alexander Business 1996-97
Elias, Victor W. Applied Mathematics 1996-97
Onslow, Barry A. Education 1996-97
Cartwright, Donald G. Geography 1995-96
Chan, Francis P.H. Anatomy & Cell Biology 1995-96
Goldman, S. Pedro Physics 1995-96
Rowe, R. Kerry Civil Engineering 1995-96
Baddour, Raouf E. Civil Engineering 1994-95
Laforet-Fliesser, Yvette Nursing 1994-95
Haffie, Tom L. Plant Sciences 1994-95
Usselman, Melvyn C. Chemistry 1994-95
Cooper, Paul E. Medicine 1993-94
Burgoyne, David G. Business 1993-94
Goodale, Melvyn A. Psychology 1993-94
Santor, Donald M. Education 1992-93
Gillese, Eileen Law 1992-93
Bentley, David M.R. English 1992-93
Petersen, Nils O. Chemistry 1992-93
Hatch, James E. Business 1991-92
Hollomby, David J. Medicine 1991-92
Meath, William J. Chemistry 1991-92
Robinson, Marilyn M. Physiology 1991-92
Haase, Peter Anatomy 1990-91
Hore, Jonathan Physiology 1990-91
Baird, Colin Chemistry 1989-90
Distefano, Joseph Business 1989-90
Lenardon, Dante King's 1989-90
Lennon, Madeline Modern Languages 1989-90
Fisher, William A. Psychology 1988-89
Rosati, Peter Civil Engineering 1988-89
Mercer, Paul F. Physiology 1988-89
Palmer, John Preston Economics 1987-88
Tarasuk, John David Mechanical Engineering 1987-88
Allahar, Anton Sociology 1987-88
Hopkins, William George Plant Sciences 1987-88
Edmonds, Merrill W. Medicine 1986-87
Lachance, M. Andre Plant Sciences 1986-87
Weston, Wayne W. Family Medicine 1986-87
Fraser, Peter A. Applied Mathematics 1985-86
Montemurro, Donald G. Anatomy 1985-86
Stingle, Richard M. English 1985-86
Asensio, Jaime Modern Language & Literature 1984-85
Barney, Robert Physical Education 1984-85
Bellhouse, David Statistics & Actuarial Science 1984-85
Edwardson, Barbara Phsyical Therapy 1984-85
Sills, Paul Dentistry 1983-84
Silcox, James Obstetrics & Gynaecology 1982-83
Hunter, Ian Law 1982-83
Bauer, Michael Computer Science 1981-82
Gaily, Dean Physics 1981-82
Walden, David Plant Sciences 1981-82
Farber, Carole Anthropology 1980-81
Murray, Harry Psychology 1980-81
Solomon, Robert Law 1980-81
Sharp, Sister Corona English (Brescia) 1980-81