The Angela Armitt Award for Excellence in Teaching by Part-Time Faculty

The Angela Armitt Award for Excellence in Teaching by Part-Time Faculty was established to recognize Part-Time members of faculty. To be eligible, the nominee must have held an academic appointment to teach at least one full degree-credit course (or equivalent) offered by Western or by an Affiliated University College during the fiscal year preceding nomination.

Angela Armitt Award Recipients

Recipient Department / Faculty Year
Wendy Crocker Education 2016-17
Jane Edwards Education  2015-16
Heather Gillis Health Sciences 2015-16
Warren Steele Information and Media Studies 2014-15
Garber, Larry English and Writing Studies 2013-14
Koscinski, Daria Biology 2013-14
Waugh, Jennifer Biology 2012-13
Mockler, Kathryn Writing, Rhetoric and Professional Communication 2011-12
Wolf, Marla Psychology 2010-11
Watson, David L. Education 2009-10
Gorodzinsky, Fabian Paediatrics 2007-08
Nguyen, Khoa Applied Mathematics 2006-07
Narain, Nigmendra Political Science 2005-06
Calvin, Kay Chemistry 2004-05
Millard, Mary Statistical & Actuarial Science 2001-02
Rourke, James Family Medicine 1998-99
Dawson, Debra Education 1996-97
Lingard, John C. English 1995-96
Halpern, Sonia S. Modern Languages and Literatures 1994-95
Stow, Glenys M. English 1993-94
King, Jeanne E. Plant Sciences 1991-92
Mackie, Iain Medicine 1990-91
Stanko, Stanley English 1989-90