The Social, the Ethical, and the Global [B]

Professor Scott Schaffer

This course will explore the ways in which changes in conceptions of the social have interpenetrated and impacted upon changing notions of the ethical. Starting with the classical works on conceptions of community and social membership, we will move forward to contemporary thought through an examination of the terrains of sociality - borders and boundaries, definitions of membership and citizenship, classificatory logics and social exclusion, and the varying forms of exclusionary inclusiveness that come about as a result of increased mobility, time-space compression, the advent of the network society and social networks, decolonisation, and globalisation. As we move through the course, increasing attention will be paid to the epistemologies of the social and to the development of an epistemology of the global, focusing on the possible isomorphisms of social space as we move from the realm of experience to the realm of the ethical.

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