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Annual Resident Research Day


At King's University College on Friday, June 6th, 2014, the Division of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery held its annual Resident Research Day with Dr. Nick Carr from UBC as Visiting Professor and keynote speaker. Dr. Carr is a leading Vancouver specialist in cosmetic plastic surgery and has been the UBC Plastic Surgery Residency Program Director and last year completed more than a decade as UBC Plastic Surgery Division Head. His clinical interests are in hand, micro and aesthetic surgery and his lectures on Management of the Difficult Lower Eyelid: A New Approach and Variations of a Theme: New Aesthetic Breast Operations That Work For Me were both interesting and informative. Alumnus presenter Dr. Sharon Kim gave an engaging and somewhat humourous talk on Adventures with Will and Charlie: My Year at Mayo. The residents' research was also impressive and very well presented.

Research Day is always the highlight of our academic year as our residents present their academic pursuits. The Dr. Robert McFarlane Resident Research Award, a Prize endowed by the graduates of the Western University Plastic Surgery Teaching program in recognition of Dr. McFarlane who was the founder of the Division and a world-renowned hand surgeon, is awarded to the resident with the best overall research presentation. Dr. Caitlin Symonette was the recipient this year for her paper on Quantifying Epidermal Skin Changes after Topical Treatment with a Novel Hyaluronic Acid-Phosphatidylethanolamine (HA-PE) Cream. Dr. Symonette also received the "Best Basic Science Paper" award and Dr. Tanya DeLyzer was awarded "Best Clinical Paper" for her research on Changes in Eyebrow Position and Shape with Active Brow Elevation. Our residents have gone on to present their research at many national and international forums and have been prize winners at these venues as well. The Waldo Stavraky Award for Best Clinical Teacher was awarded by the residents this year to Dr. Christopher Scilley.

The residents spend some recreational time with the Visiting Professor the day before the presentations and this year they were treated to some fly-fishing with Drs. Carr and Gan. Fun was had by all and there was even rumour of one of the residents kissing a fish! Apparently Dr. Gan, who only arrived near the end of the excursion, made the biggest catch of the day!

The event was another great success and planning is already underway for next years' Research Day which will be held in the spring of 2015, the exact date TBA.


Past Western University Plastic Surgery Visiting Professors:

Dr. John Semple (Toronto) (2013 program) (JPG)
Dr. Peter Lennox (Vancouver) (2012 program) (JPG)
Dr. Mike Neumeister (Springfield IL)
Dr. Thomas Bell (Toronto) (JPG)
Dr. Achilleas Thoma (Hamilton) (JPG)
Dr. Patricia Bortoluzzi (Montreal) (JPG) (2008 program)
Dr. Gordon Wilkes (Edmonton) (JPG) (2007 program)
Dr. Joel Fish (Toronto) (JPG)
Dr. Ralph Manktelow (Toronto)
Dr. Louise Caouette-Laberge (Montreal)
Dr. Peter Neligan (Toronto)
Dr. Don Lalonde (St. John)
Dr. Richard Warren (Vancouver)
Dr. Steven McCabe (Louisville)
Dr. David Smith (Ann Arbor)
Dr. Ken Murray (Winnipeg)
Dr. Oleh Antonyshyn (Toronto)
Dr. Susan Mackinnon (St. Louis)
Dr. Carolyn Kerrigan (Dartmouth)
Dr. Louis Vasconez (Birmingham)

Past Winners of the Dr. Robert McFarlane Resident Research Award:

Dr. Aaron Grant
Dr. Stephanie Power
Dr. Kirsty Boyd
Dr. Toni Zhong
Dr. Arjang Yazdani
Dr. Raymond Tse
Dr. Dao Nguyen
Dr. Claire Temple

Past UWO Resident's Research Prize winners at the Canadian Society of Plastic Surgeons' Annual Meeting:

2012 Kathryn Sawa (Best Poster)
2006 Sharon Kim (Best Poster)
2004 Toni Zhong (Best Clinical Research)
2003 Raymond Tse (Best Basic Research)
2003 Dao Nguyen (Best Poster)
2001 Dao Nguyen (Best Poster)
2000 Claire Temple (Best Basic Research)
1993 Bing Siang Gan (Best Basic Research)

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