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You can find art on many levels in your life: in your vocation, in your avocation, even in your fashion. At least that's the case for plastic surgeon Damir Matic. This 39-year-old Toronto doctor expresses himself in the operating room, on canvas and on himself. Trained at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, this was Matic's first trip back to town in five years. He was enjoying "re-acquainting" himself with Baltimore, and all its chic changes. We think he fits right in.

Dr. Damir Matic

Age: 39

Residence: Toronto, Canada

Job: Plastic surgeon

Self-described style: Casual chic

The look: Navy cashmere Hugo Boss blazer. White button-down DKNY shirt. Green-and-taupe argyle Banana Republic sweater. Old Navy jeans. Brown Kenneth Cole loafers. Swatch watch. Titanium glasses.

Where it came from: He found the blazer at Harry Rosen, a high-end men's store chain in Canada. The shirt, he bought at a store in New York City. The jeans, Old Navy. The shoes, a Kenneth Cole store. He doesn't remember where he got the watch and glasses.

Fashion is art: "I paint. Plastic surgery, there is some artistry to it. So [my fashion] is a combination of those things. I can do it. ... It's another way for me to express myself."

Fashion is business: "I live on 25 acres on a farm. But I grew up in the city. Fashion is important for business, because most of my patients or clients work in the city."

A monthly dose: "I shop maybe monthly. I look for individual pieces at specialty stores. Nobody puts outfits together for me, although my wife has a say. ... When [sales]people suggest something and then I buy it, I don't wear it. ... I put a lot of thought into what I buy. Then, I'm happy with what I wear daily."

Fashion has to fit: "I'm not sure I'd walk in here in a suit and tie. [Pazo] is more casual. [How you dress] just depends on where you're going. It shouldn't be cookie-cutter."

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