In December of 2000, I moved from my family’s small farm in Mainland China to Canada. I completed the last year of my high school degree and learned English at the same time in Mississauga, Ontario. In June of this year, I completed my four year Honors Biochemistry degree at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario. In the final year of my study at UWO, I enrolled in a fourth year thesis course, which I completed here at the Lawson Health Research Institute.

I have been working in the Gan/O’Gorman lab for 10 months and am enjoying my work. I am currently working on an in-vitro method for culturing Dupuytren’s disease cells in a 3-dimensional collagen matrix to restore their in-vivo signaling patterns. I’ve received a CIHR grant to continue my studies until September 2005, at which point I will continue my studies towards a Masters degree at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. I applied and received scholarships to complete my Masters Degree at McMaster University. In the future, I hope to continue on and do a PhD in the field of Biomedical Science and one day perhaps enter medical school to expand my field of work into clinical/scientific practice.