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The Hand and Upper Limb Centre (HULC) located at St. Joseph's Health Centre in London, Ontario is the largest upper extremity unit in Canada and provides comprehensive care for patients with upper extremity disorders from the shoulder to the tips of the fingers.

In conjunction with the Workers Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario, an upper Limb Specialty Clinic provides rapid access for injured workers with an aim to a speedy and safe return to work.

Annually, HULC logs approximately 40,000 out-patient visits and 4000 operative procedures. Staff consists of 12 surgeons; 8 are orthopedic surgeons and 4 are plastic surgeons. Comprehensive rehabilitation services including physiotherapy and occupational therapy are on-site and integrated into the treatment of the patient.

HULC is a pinnacle program in the Department of Surgery at the University of Western Ontario and extensively participates in education and research activities. Clinical teaching to medical students, residents and fellows is complemented with research training of undergraduate science students, as well as graduate students in programs leading to MSc and PhD degrees. In both realms, staff at HULC have received teaching awards.

HULC has a comprehensive independent research program that is conducted by three independent research laboratories:

1. The Bioengineering Research Laboratory
2. Clinical Research Laboratory
3. Cell & Molecular Biology Laboratory